Monday, June 7, 2010

Good God! He Doesn't Know What PKFZ Means?

“I also have to know exactly what the PKFZ is about." - Kong Cho Ha - Malaysiakini 7 June 2010

Good God! You don't even know what Port Klang Free Zone is at all? He must be an imbecile!

Kong Cho Ha is an MCA man. His predecessor is Ong Tee Keat, ex-MCA president. Both are in the cabinet in different portfolios prior to the not-so good reshuffle pack by Najib. What we know in the political perspective is that it is just to gain back Chinese support to the BN fold. If you are a minister, you should know what is PKFZ since the information is shared par level in the Cabinet, and that's even if you are a deputy minister!

Everyone loves Superman OTK, for in the MCA he's the one that is willing to go no holds barred in the PKFZ. What we've predicted during the crisis is definitely happening. OTK will be out, Pornstar Chua will be in and they will be given money in exchange for silence in the PKFZ and hoping that the PKFZ scandal will fade away. Because the PKFZ not only involves the already known players but some hidden hands who would have their pants dropped down the moment they are exposed by some other people.

Taking Superman out was one of the strategies. In the end, the people got cheated. RM 12.6 billion swept away. Money used without our consent, without our knowledge.

I think he jumbled up in his earlier statement. At the end, he said: "probe into the PKFZ scandal as being 'sufficient', no need for the issue to be re-examined." So, does that mean he actually knows it or he just said something but has no idea of what PKFZ mean? I'm puzzled, really!

Look ma, I've got a macai MP from Lumut who doesn't even know a thing. Do you think he's doing nice job there? I think we might want to go and shake that place upside down in 2013, with Mat Gelap as well. No wonder people think that Najib's cabinet is still full of not so intellectual people despite the reshuffling!

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