Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paul The Psychic Octopus Got Spot On!

Isn't Paul the octopus lovely but accurate? There was a report that Paul predicts that Germany will beat England in today's 2nd round match and he's spot on. At this time, Germany is in the driver's seat, leading 4-1 with a Thomas Mueller brace and Miroslav Klose tying Klinsmann's number of World Cup goals to 11 - still another 2 to 3 more before equaling his countryman, Gerd 'Der Bomber' Mueller's tally.

There is a good chance of them having a 1990 rematch against Argentina in the quarter-finals.

And I just loved the tune of the anthem. Germany's anthem was taken from Haydn's Kaiser String Quartet. If you listen to the first few bars, you will notice it's resemblance, except that the lyrics change. At Haydn's time, it was "God bless Emperor Francis", but now the anthem's from the third stanza.

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