Friday, February 18, 2011

The Liberation of The Mind

“Anarchism, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government.” - Emma Goldman (1871-1940)

1. It is now Yemen's turn to have mass people protests after the successful people's revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. It is maybe partly because the success of the first two countries has already energised Yemen and inspired them to do the same thing. But if you notice carefully, the bulk of people who protest in the three countries related are mostly the young and professional ones who could not make the fortune in the turbulent stage of the respective countries.

2. These young people have realized that they have been cheated and given false promises by the government that they have given their support into that. When they realize that normal channels and means could not help them into addressing their problems, they are pushed into doing what they have to do that what we have seen - street protests. From there, fuelled with new ideas and with the realization from what is really happening, they spread the word to the masses and called them out for things that is reported in the news.

3. Instead of paying attention to the masses, massive crackdowns are launched against protesters and the prisons started to fill up with people who carry no arms but to gather in peaceful means. I have mentioned several times that if the number of people put into there for nothing is more than the number of convicted ones for crimes of passion, then something is wrong with the state. It also means that this somewhat akin to a police state. 

4. If this problem persists on, the only thing that is likely to put the stop in the tracks is either the numbers or the genocide. Either path can solve the problem but each with a different ending to a crisis. If it's the numbers, then it's the same thing as in Egypt and Tunisia. The other way round, then it's like Burma, Rwanda and the bloodbath that ensues. 

5. In the process, people has been galvanized with the need to know things and the desire to change things if something stays there too long and gets irrelevant. This doesn't happen just there, but in Malaysia as well.

6. Face it, what happens in Yemen do happen in Malaysia, but not in that big scale. Malaysians are slowly galvanized, energized by the need to change after 54 years by one party ruling and running the nation. People are actually gradually liberating their minds from the common bullshit that they have been fed. Only people who still believe in the bullshit would think otherwise and fall into the abyss that they can never escape. Of course, the liberation of the mind is what will eventually defeat the oppressors because they were hoping that by having people clueless, and stupid, they can do whatever things to maintain their hegemony of the nation. The fear is there and for that reason, they would rig games and even would want to do King Kong to make sure the other party never gets to run Putrajaya. If that is the case, election should have been outlawed already. 

7. People can gather and do anything they like as long they don't commit any crimes of passion. But to gather without permit is wrong, as according to the police. Aren't the cops should be minding more on catching violent criminals then going and harassing people? Even some people have complaint how they were treated as criminals even if they have don't nothing wrong. What about IPCMC that some people have asked? Hishamuddin says no way. I know why - partly if you can read the insider's account on the problem in the police force, then that will answer it. 

8.Is Malaysia a police state? It's a yes definitely. Cops are given orders to play dirty at times, people can get harass at times. Is that my opinion alone? No, there's more than just one with the same opinion.

9. As what John Oates said, the human mind is the subject of false conditioning and needs to be liberated. The greater part of the mind is the free and independent post-concious that will allow us to deduce the truth. 

Further quoting:

We humans are currently taking tentative steps towards an ideal world society. If we succeed in setting it up it shall surely be because we reached universal agreement, and that could only have been because we embraced supraconsciousness. 

The word humantruth has been coined to distinguish that truth which is knowable and highly relevant to our daily lives, from the rest of the entire truth that I believe to be understandable to the human mind but which might never reach our understanding, and which, thought it may be of great interest, eg space exploration, is not relevant. 

If you achieve the state of total awareness that recognises humantruth but the world remains indifferent, you will suffer frustration, but only as long as you are in a minority. When the majority are with you it will be another matter. Unless you lead the way by opening your mind, however, there never can be a humantrue majority. 

True awareness is always beckoning, carrying the hope of beneficial worldwide change. Even the most automated and conditioned of humans are touched by this hope as they uncomfortably witness the suffering of fellow humans on the other side of Earth and wish someone would do something to relieve it. 

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