Friday, February 11, 2011

There Are Worse Things Than Valentine Ban!

Come on, get real. Why does JAKIM and its state religious departments start going for those Valentine ban when there are bigger things to combat about? Isn't bribery corruption is worse than going on love and sex? Isn't third degree interrogation or detention without trial worse than going out pair to pair? Does this mean that those two sins are legitimate or halal in Malaysia, as in according to their version, whereas it is actually wrong in every sense?

The problem above in fact reinforces the Islamophobia that the non-Malays are facing. Too much Malay here and there, and it can alienate some people. But hold on, isn't the government of the day Barisan Nasional? Aren't they supposed to do more racial integration, as matching 1 Malaysia's objectives vs this thing? Isn't that cakap tak serupa bikin?

"Mengtuakan Orang Muda"

There is only one stage of youth in a man's life cycle. And it has to be used well, people have to feel things that may not be done when reaching middle-age or the twilight of their lives. Whatever these bunch of jokers want to do is attempting to make the young people behave like old men and women. This is wrong. This is not letting people to feel things that they should be given freedom and things to do.

Free Will Not Encouraged?

I don't think many people would give a damn about the fatwa thing that doesn't allow such kind of activity. Are you saying that you can do elsewhere but not in Malaysia? People should be given the free rein to think and act on their own will. To do such thing, and others things that fall under the moral control activity is to stifle the capability to think. This already adds insult to the present education system that still produces people that are not able to think on their own accord or their own free will. 

Go For The Bigger Fish!

ISA is violating human rights. Why not a fatwa for that instead of Valentine?
Bribery and corruption is worse than Valentine? Why not make a fatwa on that?
Why go for the little fish?

These people have no respect for the other races. How are you going to get people to integrate with one another of all races when you say such thing? Get real. And see how the other people get angry at this senile men that claims to be holier than thou.

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  1. Today, Malaysia made the headlines again in the international scene. I view this with growing concern as intolerance escalates within our shores. Let me try to put perspective into this whole issue.

    Firstly, to reject any religious view (whether Islam or other religions), or any other worldview, equates that one prefers another view of reality. We always make judgements about almost everything, in contrary with our views. Nobody in this world may dictate, “I don’t know if my views are right but I certainly know that you are wrong.” This is because we believe that other person’s view is wrong and ours is ultimately correct.

    Secondly, no one can claim to provide an end on the explanation of the nature of reality. However, not knowing everything about reality should not be used as an excuse to believe anything we want to. No views in this world provide any comprehensive answer. All of us harbor some biases believing in what we do, but that is not a valid reason to believe it’s truth claims.

    Thirdly and most important of all, all beliefs are not equal. Tensions between differing religious views have existed since the dawn of time. But here the need to exercise tolerance towards others’ beliefs does not mean that one has to champion the illogical idea that all views are equally true. Every religion, like all belief systems, are exclusive in the manner that it asserts its claims are true. There is nothing wrong in believing with what is true and false.

    We should understand by now that real differences exist between all Malaysians (and the rest of the world) that tolerance is necessary and also a virtue. The definition on tolerance that we belief in is ‘being tolerance of all views’. To me, real tolerance is equated with ‘putting up with errors’. We should also come to terms that all beliefs are not made to be equal.

    My fellow Malaysians, it is your call now.


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