Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Australian Diaries #5

John, whom I met during a candlelight vigil in PJ sometime last year and family were hosting me out for today, since I told him that I would be in town. I happened to be in contact through one of our mutual friends and I managed to cover some places that it will be slow to reach. Mostly in the eastern suburbs, where the rich rub their places there.

First morning was on the Gap, which is the north and south points where the army would monitor for Japanese intrusion into the city. And then we had lunch at one of the restaurants there. Man, there are tons of seafood there that it can be used as lunch, but instead it's "yum cha", which he was thinking about. I said no problem if they want that.

We got delayed due to the closure of the bridge for Sydney Marathon today so I went visiting other places including the art museum and of course Mrs. MacQuarie's point. Bondi Beach was another place hard to reach but worth to see the crescent shape of the beach really. Finally, there's a proper rice and che chow (chinese cooking food) at Chinatown which was pretty good really.

I find that I've still got more places to cover within the next three days. Every direction. I am simply worried that I might not be able to cover it. One place, Manly will take at least half a day to be there. At least there's a check list that I have in hand. Might want to start early tomorrow.....

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