Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Australia Diaries #3

Figaro was a roaring success last night.

I came back from watching the funny, comic 3 hour opera - The Marriage of Figaro featuring Mozart's signature overture and one of its arias, No More Gallivanting (end of act I or called orignally as Non Piu Andrai). At the end of the opera, the applause was continuous and the cast members performed a lap of honor three times. I must admit that everyone was doing well, but the only appearance that I was not comfortable was Cherubino the page - to my view.

Actually the food serving was big and I felt full after only having bread, cereal, and juice. While in afternoon, a slice of pizza 7up was good enough.

In the morning I went to cover Hyde Barracks and the state government house before spending 2 hours alone collecting my ticket booking at the opera house and doing its tour there. Circular Quay was full of street performers, even one guy did a 12-feet unicycling and there's a mime. Only problem is to get familiar with the train routes. I wanted to cover Botanical Gardens and a few places but the timing won't permit it :(

I took a long walk from Circular Quay / Pitt Street all the way back to the Town Hall, out of curiosity. The Pitt / Hunter Street intersection was interestingly the place where Smith and Neo brawled.

It's gonna be a full day at Hunter Valley tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm leaving you with a pic of me with the bridge.

"Hello Daddy, Hello Mum, I;m A Cherry Bonb" - The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

P.S: While visiting the opera house, the guide was telling us of Ms. Bryce's (Aus' Gov. General) official residence on the other side of the bridge. I just thought of changing that line to first names e.g Julia /Quentin as to say I got arrived in town. Nah, but I thought the Eagles song New Kid in Town fits better.

Shit. The post comes one day late. Credit is out.

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