Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dropping The Self-Dignity = Kow Tow

This is the classic case of kow tow: Pornstar Chua said that he has never heard of any leaders being racist.

On to Muhyiddin. In the days of him being the MB, from what I understand via history, Chua used to be his bagman back in Johor. Right now, in the spat between Perkasa and UMNO, we have notice the characters like Najib, KJ, Kunan, Nazri and a few people who have been opening their mouths in their opinions against Perkasa vs those from there like Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir himself.

A few hours ago, I read the second half of the FMT interview with Ong Tee Keat, since his post-MCA president fallout there. What Tee Keat foresaw should he get bumped out is that instead of MCA bouncing back, MCA ends up digging the grave deeper and deeper into the ground. And whatever happens after Ong left the presidency hit true like PKFZ swept under the carpet. There was a joke on OTK, with a friend calling him Superman Grounded in conjunction with the current Superman story called Grounded.

I also used to meet one of my friends. He was in fact a close neighbor of Chua during the Batu Pahat days and he told me of the many things that allude to such personality that Chua embodies. Despite decent qualifications and rank including the holding of a ministerial post previously, what Chua did recently is enough to spell that people aren't keen to look at MCA anymore because of what they doing. I too share the opinion of some people who see MCA in newspapers everyday as something that people are getting fed up off.

I mean, for Chua to say that he has never heard of any of UMNO leaders being racist is somewhat something absolutely wrong and stupid. Recently, Mahathir made a confession that if there are no bumi quotas in public institutions of higher learning, the number of Malays with degrees will be much lower. And this was against the common principle of giving opportunity by merit. First thing that came across my mind of having Chua said such thing is one word: "useless". 

MCA is still in the muck. There is still no race relations yet. An act would do good. There are bigots and people out there who call non-Malays as immigrants. Why not Chua go and whack this Ridhuan Tee fellow? Why not show everyone that MCA also has the par footing / strength as UMNO? Why not Chua show people that MCA should be a class A party whereas right now, they are being branded by UMNO as class B?

Read this part from Kuan Yew:

“Malaysians saw it as a Malay country, all others are lodgers, “orang tumpangan”, and they the Bumiputras, sons of the soil, run the show. So the Sultans, the Chief Justice and judges, generals, police commissioner, the whole hierarchy is Malay," Kuan Yew had said in an interview earlier this month..

"All the big contracts for Malays. Malay is the language of the schools although it does not get them into modern knowledge. So the Chinese build and find their own independent schools to teach Chinese, the Tamils create their own Tamil schools, which do not get them jobs. It’s a most unhappy situation."

Isn't this Ketuanan Melayu in front of our own eyes? And Chua Soi Lek chooses to defend it? It's puke!

Looks like we all have to invent another name for the pornstar.

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