Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Australian Diaries #10

Well, my adventure is almost to the end here and in the last two days, I have been on tour to other spots outside Melbourne, and today was another wine tasting adventure in Yarra Valley. But I would come back to that shortly.

It was very windy and very very cold in the Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road. The first and last two hours is a little dull, since you need to go to Geelong (the second largest city in Victoria). On the way, there were obviously a few stops to visit like Urquhart's bluff, Apollo Bay (for lunch as well), Gibson's point and of course Port Campbell. I am told that Great Ocean Road is in priority worth visiting over Phillip Island. On the visit to Loch Ard Gorge, there was a hailstorm, though minor, it hits people when visiting the first marker.

Great Ocean Road took me nearly a whooping 12 hours until I got really tired, when getting back home.

Yarra Valley was the opposite. From the city, it took roughly 90 minutes to go to the first wineyard. But the morning was ruined by rain, which eventually stopped after mid-noon. A little story at Yearing Station was that the biscuit that I bought for munching later was the last one to be priced at an unusual price. The e-tag was reading $12 while the sticker tag reads $9.50, which the price paid would be the sticker price. There was a mistag incident, the store manager said. 
The wine tasting there was a much better experience than what I had in Hunter Valley given of two main reasons, one being the guide - who was discussing his KL visits with me and foodwise and another being having the chance to go to Domain Chandon, which has the best sparkling wine in the region. I got a bottle of the vintage 2002 for a dinner which I threw later in the night. 

One thing about Melbourne is that it is much colder and sometimes freezing my fingers in the morning and night that I thought Sydney would be better in climate wise. But Melbourne was much better in the sense of how the transaction system works and more efficient than in Sydney. Melbourne and Sydney has pros and cons really. 

Just got back from a visit at Crown Casino, the only one in the city. A fire broke out in Melbourne Central, not sure what is happening now, since there isn't any news item on that being reported at the time of writing.

Well, time to cover some missing spots tomorrow.

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