Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Australian Diaries #4

It's mainly taste wine, munch something, taste wine and back forth.

Today was getting out of town and to Hunter Valley for wine tasting sessions. I was only told while picking up people in Star City that the guide who's driving me round is one of the best. From there, it was a hectic 2.5 hour drive to Hunter Valley via the town of Cessock.

So we were taken to five of the best wineyards in the valley and having a decent gourmet lunch. There was a wine that stands out of the rest that I've tried, but I learnt that they don't export it. Shame, I could have been buying one back for Dad to try, but before I left for Australia, he said no need at all. Correct, the problem will be on international flights customs thing wrangle.

Pretty tired really, so I was wandering around George Street two hours ago looking for a place for dinner. But I ended up in MacDonalds for something simple. In truth, I was supposed to finish posting #3 yesterday, but the credit ran off and having to be ready before 7am today was prompting it.

I need to cover The Rocks tomorrow, and whatever places surrounding it. The Friday thing is making things a little difficult to plan.

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