Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Australian Diaries #7

This would be the end of the first half of the Australian adventure. 

I was mostly in Darling Harbor, covering the last three spots including the Maritime museum, Power house museum and the chinese garden. Unfortunately, the insuffficient time means that I didn't really cover thefamous shopping arcades in George Street, nor exploring the spots in down town or even visiiting Elizabeth Bay House in Kings Cross.

I realized that it is also possible to spend one more day (if planned before coming), but I find that I can cover at most three to 4 spots per day, as it would take a few hours being at one place at a time.

Sadly, this means that I am not able to see those places until the next time in town.

Well, I would have to sign off for now, as I will need to pack up and be readyfor the flight to Melbourne. Need to reach the airport by 10 am...really.

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