Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pete: We're Under Severe Attack

Free Malaysia Today and Malaysia Today including Anwar Ibrahim's blog was constantly blocked by DDOS (Distribute Denial of Service attacks) - a technical jargon where anonymous, huge amount of requests go into the website as to block and slowdown traffic coming from other places. In other words, we simplified this as hogging.

"We are under severe attack," Raja Petra said in an email from London, where he now lives. "We've been down for the last 12 hours and a day before that for 24 hours. Looks like someone is spending a lot of money to keep us off the air." The website's technology personnel restored access, only to have it disappear again.

The definite association to why the site is being attacked by this DOS is that Malaysia Today published two articles, one that links to United Malays National Organisation in a deal brokered to cover up the wrong doings of former MAS chairman Tajudin Ramli, and another in which a tycoon involved for the Gemas / Johor Bahru that said that of the RM 500 million cost of that was balked by the Chinese government, 40 percent goes to Najib / Rosmah (Read the rest here at Asia Sentinel)

Out of here, I can see that it is a mischief that is caused by a cell within UMNO. Remember the cybertroopers division thing that Pete used to talk? Whatever happens above shows one thing that UMNO is pinned in the butt or if I am to see from Pete's point of view - spot on. From there, all the delusions of losing power and so forth began to emerge from the demented and warped mind of the mob group called UMNO. 

And consider this: suppose if I am someone that absolutely hates Raja Petra Kamaruddin and could not touch him physically, the next thing I would do is to get someone to spoil his thing, in other words I would pay someone to spoil the website like doing this DDOS attack thing. Let's say that I don't even know about technical computing, I would pay someone to do the dirty work. Makes my hands clean...and a gives a good excuse to say that I didn't do it. 

Won't that makes sense in this situation?

Although the DDOS has impacted a lot of people visiting Malaysia Today, this doesn't stop RPK from releasing an article via an anonymous blog called: "Why is BN buying pistol, grenades from underground sources"

Having read that, I certainly believe that it is similar to the conspiracy stories that I've read. Conspirators, some in and out, attempt to stop the rightful from becoming the government by throwing everything, including instigating a.l.a. Black Ops to make the one doing it. Consider as if framing the CCID chief or some people with false charges as to cover up but in the bigger scale.

My hypothesis is simple: it takes one national emergency to do the master plan. It is a repeat of 1969. They instigate it, the other side falls for it by retaliation and finally it gives an excuse to suspend the Constitution. Najib's father was the head of the National Security Council so it is a familiarity and ease to slip into the shoes that is the NSA. 

That's right..where's Kit Siang, Anwar and the gang when this problem comes out? Anyone there?

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