Wednesday, September 8, 2010

See What Happens If You Don't Read!

If there's one thing I can see why these people particularly those from the Malay NGOs would criticize, it's plainly because of one simple thing: they don't even read that much. Or they tend to misunderstand or could not distinguish the difference between one word and another.

In Free Malaysia Today, Syed Husin Ali stated in defense of Nurul Izzah that UMNO leaders are already narrow-minded despite promoting the 1Malaysia concept. Of course, the key statement by Syed Husin is in regards to the affirmation that in the Constituition, there is no such thing as "special rights", but instead "special position". When you compare between rights and position, there is a significant meaning between the two words. Rights means "a claim to a title, by means", while position means "situation / condition". In other words, if you re-read the line of Article 153 in two languages, you will notice that it is really spells out as "special position" meaning, condition - not entitlement.

It is very simple to see the difference by going to an online dictionary site and see the meaning of the two words.

Since this is in reference to the Federal Constitution, I too concur with the Bar council that it is silly for this Malay NGO to 1 Malaysia Youth Graduands Club to say that the campaign of knowing the Federal Constitution is seditious. Look, the campaign has been ratified by certain people including the Parliament Speaker, a Federal Court Judge and a minister. From what I've read after the Bar Council responded to the police report saying it is baseless, this guy, Ezaruddin Abdul Rahman is a perfect person that doesn't read a book to get the facts, mostly actions are from heresays and false facts.

Unfortunately, when I came to know that why people act like those two moreons above, I came to attribute such examples to what Hisham Rais was talking about. Yesterday, at the KLCAH, Malaysiakini and a few other online dailies reported of Hisham saying: the Malay mind has been "bonsified" (shrunk and distorted, like a bonsai plant) by Umno's political agenda in order to perpetuate the culture of fear against non-Malays. Sadly, I must concur with Hisham's opinion because there are still many of us who have no clue of what is actually happening and still kept in the blue by inaccurate and spinning reporting by pro-mob dailies.

Quote from Malaysiakini:

"This process that 'bonsifies', nullifies and stupefies (Malays) goes back to the British time. (Malays) are led by lazy leaders and lazy thinkers," Hishamuddin (middle in photo) said at the 'Malays are muted too!' forum at the KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

The controversial activist noted that Malays have been indoctrinated to fear new ideas and 'ghosts' of Chinese supremacy, to the point that the Malay public believe that the 'ghosts' are real threats to their existence.

Taking the example of bomoh or witchdoctors, Hishamuddin claimed that Umno employs the same tactics to convince the Malays that they are constantly battling against hantu (ghosts).

"In Malaysia it is very simple. The hantu for the Malays are the Chinese. The Malays are made to believe that there are all sorts of hantu, to encourage the public to be thankful for Umno (to save them).

"It's just like (the tactics of) the bomoh in the kampung, where kampung folk will be told that there are all sorts of hantu to deal with... Umno uses the same modus operandi," he said.

Playing up fears

Hishamuddin claimed that just like the colonial British in Malaya, Umno realises that a liberated Malay mind is a threat to their existence, hence the ruling party's efforts to stop the liberalisation of the Malay mindset.

He alleged that Umno would never agree to free the Malay mind as it is all about maintaining the ruling party's power and control over Malaysia's wealth.
In order to get out of the "shrunk and distort" syndrome, the act on hearsays has to be toned down and more reading must be encouraged. In addition to that, there is a need to do the lab-work style of investigating factual elements. Until the syndrome is reduced significantly, don't expect Malaysia to reach vision 2020, NEM to achieve and whatever things that the leaders come out would eventually become mere lip-service and things failed because of the syndrome.
DO you also see that if you do not read, this is what is happening?

There must be some drastic action by ourselves that at times we cannot depend on others.

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