Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SABM Melbourne Launch

The SABM Melbourne chapter has debuted tonight in Flinders Lane with a talk by the Penang CM, Guan Eng. He has an entourage accompanying him including Mansor Othman, Kit Siang and two MPs, the Bukit Bendera MP Chin Tong and Kon Yeow.

I noticed that this is more for those who have no idea at all, given that Guan Eng talks about Penang's CAT thing following by the federalism issue that is mentioned by Kit Siang. Rounding up the event is a question and answer session among the people there.

The session started 30 minutes later. But the turnover was double than the projected amount of 80 persons as initially planned. The turnover is pretty encouraging. 

I was fortunately to be invited by a mutual friend, John Khoo and in turn gave assistance in providing pictures from the event for the organizing team of the chapter. 

Extra thanks to David and Lutfi from SABM Melbourne for additional help.

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