Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Australian Diaries #9

Melbourne was quite packed on Friday and yesterday. That's because there's the AFL final between two clubs within the state - St. Kilda against Collingswood. The match between the two ended with a draw, 68 a piece, and under the current AFL rules, there would be a rematch next week, so the hype is still on to determine who would win this season once and for all.

The net connection here is slow because there was a technical problem happening in the network that I am using here right now, hopefully would be back to normal in the next few days or so. A technician told my friend that a possum has bitten the outside line, making things real slow. In this case, in the morning, it was pretty slow.

On Friday, there was a parade in Federation Square, making most streets closed off. I went to visit the Victoria Market first. It was cleaner than our markets back home and there's this famous donut store there which produces freshly made jam donuts or so. As a food kaki, I was brought to a few other places including a Brother Baba Budda coffee store, famous for its lattes, and Nam Loong in Russell Street, for its famous buns.

Of course, Friday was my friend's birthday, so there's a trip and a yummy meal of Korean BBQ in Chinatown and a drinking party at the famous Asian Bar called Cho Gao, drinking all the way until after midnight. The food adventure still goes on, with Saturday lunch at Lygon Street, a street full of Italian shops and of course a must have visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol. If you have read the history of the Australian Robin Hood, Ned Kelly, surely there's a story to be told in the gaol.

And of course, a few places to cover around including the Immigration Museum, Melbourne Museum, Shrine of Remembrance and the historic St. Paul's Cathedral makes the first two days trip quite eventful.

For today? We didn't really go to town, apart from exploring the Shrine (including the crypt, the Changi flag that has Lady Edwina's signature on it), the Camberwell flee market, the St. Kilda's beach (which has die hard St. Kilda supporters there) and some shopping on Chapel Street, before some home cooked dinner.

Tomorrow's self-exploring day - jumping down to town and covering the remaining places there. Seems that the Penang CM Guan Eng is showing up in town, as I am told. But until now, here's a picture of me in town.

Signing off now....

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