Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Already been embarrassed, that's what I would like to say about Hishamuddin Hussein, "Mr. Fork Tongue" or some people would call him, Mat Lidah Kontot. They only know how to talk shit but they have totally forgotten to walk the talk on NEM and 1 Malaysia, which means there are things that are mere publicity and things that are destined to end up in the drain later on.

What Hishamuddin said is somewhat to a child that refuses to accept the reality. Here, you are controlling and tabbing on all dailies so that they do not report what is deemed very dismal and embarrassing to the government. If you are doing this and people can't even do whistle blowing on government corruption, where else can they go apart from telling the world what is really happening?

Why does Hishamuddin or Zahid Hamidi would want to whack Nurul Izzah when she is not given the chance to say the piece in major newspapers? In fact the newspapers cowed because if they happened to give them prominent space, Hisham's ministry would come swooping in like hawks over the Keadilan issue?

So, serve you right, Hisham. In fact school children are taught only one sided of the Malaysian history prior to independence, the BN version of the story. The other side of the story is left out because it was against the right-wing stance adopted today. Look at what Zaid would say and hit.

Before you call people bad mouth, why wouldn't you let them talk? Isn't this a shut-up and listen routine?

Whoever from Yong Soo Heong's-led agency that wrote that should be complimented because that's what the state of Mr. Fork Tongue is right now. He's hopping mad like some leprechaun..kahkahkahkah!!!!

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