Sunday, August 1, 2010

Faham Or Tak Mahu Faham?

Let's make it clear that the BAR council (lawyers) and civil right groups have stated that the ISA has already gone beyond repair. Their have made it clear the act has to be thrown out into the bin. Of course there is a big question mark on what if there's a terrorist act in the future? And the answer is to come out with a new act from scratch which is called the "Anti-Terrorism Act"

Question is already answered in full and plain simple.

However, there are some people who are unwilling to accept the reality that it is already 50 years and there needs to be changed. United Malays National Organisation, and some of its kaki bodeks like Pewaris are examples of those who say that they need that to protect the Malay rights and so forth. But that is not entirely true. There is a difference between privileges and rights. Keistimewaan, as mentioned in Malay is more or less attributed to privileges, not rights. I don't see much benefit from keeping the ISA that is crude and worthless, unless idiots would say so.

Faham atau tak mahu faham?

If faham, means the act has to be abolished immediately and Anti-Terrorism bill has to be drafted and debated. Good for everyone. Because dissent is something that Malaysia is still being criticized. It seems that many leaders are unable to think beyond the box that is laid and set during the Mahathir years. Of course, its relevance right now is totally different from that period when Mahathir was PM.

A shame though is that it is only now that people started to realize how cruel and draconian ISA is. They should have done it much earlier on. They only need one moment that hits their side only to realize it, otherwise they would not of consider it.

Of course, I've noticed FRU personnel going around in PR ceramahs, like in Johor and Malacca a few hours ago as  parallel to leaders and mob people (orang gerombolan) that aboslutely refuse to understand the stark reality. The problem is there people who tell others bodoh but they themselves are actually stupid. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu live on news....ha!

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