Friday, August 13, 2010

In Here, You Call Yourself Hero.. But vs World, You're A Dwarf!

I couldn't think of the proper way to comment about Perkasa's police report against Helen, but I think that Helen's timing came in the wrong moment. How Perkasa reacted to that is as if they have nothing to lose. Like if you are put in the situation behind the 8-ball.

But anyhow, what they did other proves what John Malott said about Perkasa being militant. (note, it's adjective, not a noun for adopting aggressive mob-style behavior). Speaking of behavior, how they behaved, as Malott described it is the pure mob-style mentality like what UMNO used to do there. There's the infantile style of mentality there. The present moment eclipses the future meaning, they are more bothering on the present situation rather than seeing the future. This means, if Idris Jala warns of bankruptcy by 2019, it has already shown that some UMNO people are unwilling to take the warning already.

Running the show for 50 years and counting tends to make a party feel invincible and the tendency to run over and crush enemies at all costs, irregardless of whatever is happening. You can feel the vanity and the narcissism. You can try to read the reports and whatever media-activities that Perkasa is involved and see the similarities alike. Sounds like steamrolling opponents, ain't it?

To say that Helen is a protege of Raja Petra is somewhat utter bullshit. I don't remember someone mentioning to me about this thing.

See, I noticed that how these people behave like if they are a village hero or something. In Malaysia, if you have the prestige, money and adopt the same siege mentality, then perhaps people might brand themselves as a supposed hero of something. Right now there are a couple notable characters that tries to play hero, including Muhyiddin as what PAS alleges. Here, look at Amran again. Do you think he's trying to play hero and follow like Ibrahim Ali?

Perhaps they should try fighting with the bigger boys which is not the opposition party or vs America. In the, end see how Ibrahim Ali gets laughed because of his immaturity (the word militant) by America. They might want to compete with the big boys. If in Malaysia, they think they are the hero, just wait until when they are branded dwarfs by bigger boys around the world.

I've tried so say this many times, the days of Jaguh Kampung are already over.

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