Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did The Police Cross The Line?

Pic by Malaysiakini
Having watched the two videos featuring last night's police brutality at Amcorp Mall, I believed that the police has actually crossed the line of going into private property without permission. In that case above, since the MBPJ square belongs to the city council, in which the organizing parties have obtained permission for usage for one hour only between 8-9, this serves as a reason why the police should not cross the line. Even the police and some observers called what the police did as disgusting.

"The council is not the authority to issue such permits and the organiser, with their legal knowledge, should have known this."

His way or is it according to the actual law, as Lateefa said?

In the video, Lateefa did say of the MBPJ considering to file a law suit against the police. The PJ episode was never so brutal as unlike in Penang. But it is already too late. The video has already hit cyberspace and the whole world is watching the horrific actions done by Polis Diraja Malaysia Petaling Jaya. They will know then that this is the real 1 Malaysia that Najib is talking about. As Guan Eng said, it ain't going to put Malaysia into good light. And then I know there are some people, pro-mob people in particular will go on all out to deny this and that, but this time, they got it wrong and it will be the world laughing at our face.

Yes, MBPJ, please go ahead and summon the police!

Gua ini tak tahu malu lar..!

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