Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Happened And Where's MCA's Testicles?

"Buktikan kepada pengundi Cina yang MCA ada jun tui bukan bor jun tui!" - RPK in Pandamaran, GE campaign 2008

Jun Tui - Testicles

It started with Hishamuddin saying that he regretted over the 'Allah' ban and indirectly blamed Mat Jilbab (Syed Hamid Albar) for that decision in 2007. Following queue from that, MCA, suddenly with the courage over that admission, got up and said that the gomen should repeal the Allah ban. And then came repercussions from the acting big boss, Mat Sembab, (Muhyiddin - looks like Blackbeard the pirate as some said) that warns MCA to back down. Of course MCA would hit back by a remark from a senator of that party.

It was only after Khir Toyo called MCA as chauvinists, supporting DAP, that Muhyiddin echoed. Of course being higher in rank in the party hierarchy, Hishamuddin obviously has to back down from his remarks, saying that it was exaggerated. It's simple to say that given Hishamuddin is lower ranked than Muhyiddin in the party that he has to toe the line. Then finally, they had to back down.

It's a shame that in the past, MCA and MIC used to be in the same class as UMNO. Class A parties, then lately, they have become Class B, while other component parties become Class C, while UMNO gets the prestige class all of their own, Class A. Rather than backing down, they should go and size up with UMNO. Why didn't they do anything when UMNO Youth 'angkat keris' in UMNO general assembly? What really happened to them?

Chua Soi Lek claimed to say that they are trying to restore Chinese confidence in BN. But from the way things are happening politically now, I doubt they can move some more back to normal levels. As what Pete said last time, show us that MCA has testicles to face up. Looks like in the long run, if they keep doing like this, they could face close shop lar!

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