Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At This State, No Way Hudud Can Be Implemented

PETALING JAYA: PAS will stick to its agenda to implement hudud law and set up an Islamic state in Malaysia despite objections by its Pakatan Rakyat ally, the DAP.

“We will not compromise on the matter,” said PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, reiterating the stand taken by the party’s mursyidul am (spiritual advisor) Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan mentri besar, had reportedly called on leaders of Pakatan - which also includes the PKR - to implement hudud law if the tripartite alliance succeeded in forming the Federal government.

The call drew a lot of flak from the DAP, with party stalwarts Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh fiercely defending the view that Malaysia is a secular state and that any policy changes in the Pakatan can only be made with the mutual agreement of all its component parties.

Reacting to the DAP’s rage over the issue, Mustafa said PAS was also firm on its principle.
Supporting his party elders, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi said the DAP should not immediately object to the idea without understanding the principles behind hudud law.

“Existing man-made laws have failed. It is high time the DAP leaders open their eyes to the hudud, qisas and ta’zir enactments that could help overcome social woes,” added Nasrudin, stressing that Islam emphasises fairness.

“Karpal Singh supports civil laws that allow women to be hanged for dumping babies that lead to death.
“Mothers who kill their own children would not even be tried under the hudud law. They will be subjected to the ta’zir laws where the judge would use his discretion in meting out punishment,” said Nasrudin.
He added that any man who dumps and kills a baby would be liable to the death sentence under the qisas laws - where “an eye for an eye” sort of punishment is applied.

Commenting on the PAS-DAP impasse over the hudud issue, MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the two parties had been collaborating as a team and it was strange to hear that, at the same time, the DAP disagrees with PAS.

Dr Wee said Lim also owes the public an explanation over the DAP’s stand.

“Are they (the DAP) playing around with tricks just to get both the Malay and Chinese votes?” he asked.
Meanwhile, Karpal Singh has refuted Nik Aziz’s allegation that he was alone in his stand against hudud law and Islamic state proposed by PAS.

Karpal Singh said Lim had stated their stand that Malaysia was a secular state, and the introduction of hudud law and the setting up of an Islamic state was not Pakatan Rakyat’s policies.

“This statement nails the assertion by Nik Aziz that I was the lone voice in the DAP opposing hudud and Islamic state,” he said in a statement yesterday.

This is what the Star wrote about Hudud laws always on the PAS' plate. The idea is to spook people into saying that if the opposition takes over the government within the next three years, Malaysia will start using Islamic laws over secular laws.

Don't you think that people are now facing the confusion over whether to use civil law or syariah laws? The religion conversion issues is the most common of the issue that is borne out of the sandwich of civil and syariah laws. Don't mention PAS first, in fact say that BN is also involved and being in such of mess for not being definitive of which set of laws to be used first.

In fact, India, despite having multiple religions uses secular laws in order to keep things uniform. In fact the use of such civil laws secularized is the main reason why India, is much more successful than us. Not to mention Singapore as well.

Now then, back on the main matter. PAS is the only one in the big three of Pakatan Rakyat that will advocate the use of hudud laws. In general election 2008, they contested in only 60 parliamentary seats, particularly those in the East coast and some northern states. Remember that in order to amend the law, there must be at least 2/3rds, or 148 MPs that will support the motion to approve the law. 

If PAS wins all, can they implement hudud laws? They form only 27% of the total MPs, and not even one-third. So no way, can they implement such laws. Also, the other two partners, taking into consideration of other non-Muslim races, would say no. Some of us have the harrowing experience of being entangled in two sets of law, so they won't want more of those things that makes things from bad to worse in their life, since they will get legal entanglement.

Dr. Dzulkefly is right, you already have the CPF there, so what is more to talk about hudud apart from giving ammunition to United Malays National Organisation to hit Pakatan Rakyat coalition again and again?

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