Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, What A Lovely Squabbling Matchup!

Blackbeard Muhyiddin whacks back at Pornstar. Frog King also barks and croaks...

There is nothing more than to say how amused I am with the squabbling match between UMNO and MCA. MCA is trying to wake up and tell big boss that they have been monopolizing the share of the Barisan pie. True, as to the spirit of Ketuanan Melayu, UMNO has become more or less rude to their partners and trying to play hero in everything.

The latest squabbling over the NEM and NEP is the latest round of internal squabbling. Who says that BN themselves are subjected to internal squabbling besides the opposition that is commonly portrayed in newspapers?

In 2008, just before the elections, Raja Petra did say this in Klang:

"Why not the MCA di dalam mesyuarat Barisan Nasional pergi bergaduh dengan Pemuda UMNO. Sebab tiap-tiap tahun di dalam perhimpunan UMNO, pemuda UMNO angkat keris!"

Previously before 2008, MCA was whacked left and right because they became machai, didn't act anything when UMNO does things that people are uncomfortable with (keris incident was one example).

The more and more squabbling goes on between the MCA, the bigger the implosion effect will be. It takes two hands to clap but now both hands refuse to clap one another. 

Now that Mat Sembab warns MCA, what will Chua do? Back down? I remembered the same thing happening back in the 90s really when Muhyiddin was the then Johor Menteri Besar.
I can only say one thing: keep squabbling!

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