Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letter Proves The Hypothesis Behind Beng Hock's Death

At the beginning, I have theorized that Beng Hock's death was via harsh interrogation tactics employed by the state MACC. I have also theorized that Beng Hock was put out of the window as actually meant to scare him to confess or make something out of it. It was an intimidation tactic aimed to get Beng Hock to mention a name as to start accusing any Pakatan Rakyat assemblyman in Selangor of corruption.

The timing of when Beng Hock died was weeks after the state speaker Teng Chang Kim suspended opposition leader Khir Toyo from the assembly for one year. This was a hit back plan that went awry. The intention was to hit back at PR people over the fiasco.

It was mentioned earlier that several MACC insiders were witnesses of the harsh interrogation methods that involved Beng Hock. What was known was that when being asked various questions during the statement taking sessions, Beng Hock absolutely had no idea or doesn't know anything at all to the questions posed by the MACC officers.

It was alleged that the man responsible for the botch interrogation was Deputy State MACC director Hishamuddin Hashim who is found colluding with Khir Toyo. Although Khir denies it totally, it was in fact to cover his own ass up.

Now, let's go through the content of the letter:

1. His involvement was not merely on official orders, but instructing subordinates to find any thing or excuses to prosecute the Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen.

This shows that Beng Hock was forced by officers under Hishamuddin's command to reveal or finger point any assemblymen to save himself. Beng Hock was threaten to do so, failure he would be risked beaten or having family members beaten - one of the methods that is ultra vires of a MACC officer would be entitled.

2. Chemist department found fingerprints and DNA traces which is on Beng Hock's belt. According to our knowledge, Hishamuddin Hashim has his own methods of interrogation, that is he will ask questions while holding the front detainee's belt and shaking it a few times.

This has proven that he was shoved outside at a window pane (see a scene in Be Cool movie), threatening to drop Beng Hock. However, the Beng Hock's pants went "cracked" and they could not pull him back off the window in time. The interrogation plan went awry and it is suffice to say why MACC was blamed for the actions of one senior officer.

3. We have knowledge that Hishamuddin ordered the officers to wipe any fingerprints on the window where Beng Hock was believed to fall. This proves that the police were not able to find any fingerprints at the window. Why would he ordered such thing?

There are a few deductions...maybe to cover him and Khir, or to say that Beng Hock committed suicide. These are the top two assumptions that could be known after this exposure.

Khir Toyo was implicated in many corruption scandals but when people asked the MACC to investigate, it was a NFA result. What the letter implies that Hishamuddin being an associate of Khir's circle did that to cover their asses. It's like you cover me I cover you thing.

There have been many speculations of how Beng Hock died or who did it, but the letter and my hypothesis would eventually point out that Beng Hock died in that manner that some believed.

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