Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Gomen Indirectly Said No To ISA!

In the forum Najib's 100 Days, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad brought out the ISA issue in which speaks and questions of the pro-ISA thinkers. Many of us are aware that when the government or more specifically during Najib's maiden speech on April 3, he admitted that the ISA (Internal Security Act) needs to be reviewed and amended. But few understood that, with his statement it clearly or indirectly mentions that the government actually said no to the ISA.

Since that is the case and the point where the police is mounting intense numbers of force in hopes that no one would turn up to both pro and anti rallies, the police shouldn't have intensify things that will inconvenience the public. As I have repeated earlier on, people can take comfort to the fact that the police force has been split as the PR amplified the fact. Towards the end of the event, Anwar Ibrahim said that he had read out in Parliament 11 SDs from police officers and some witnesses about links between Musa Hassan and the top brass colluded with top underworld figures.

Yesterday in The Star, IGP Musa Hassan was quoted:

"He said policemen would be screening motorists and apologised if it inconvenienced the public."

From the previous experience of Bersih, the opinion of many public people caught in the jam is true but they would say that it is the police's fault that will cause it, not accidents. Also, the police got a slap in the face with a statement by Nik Aziz saying that although the police had to do their job, the real fault lies in Mat Lidah Kontot and his Ministry.

If you have around 5000 police personnel including FRU trucks and so forth against at least 60000 people backed by Unit Amal and all of PAS members, it is almost impossible to have the police taking everyone into the Black Marias and consider to have prisons filled with people who didn't do anything that is violent in nature.

Of course, this shows that the police and UMNO is indirectly in Perwaris's wings. They could have join them really. But if that is the case, this is against Najib's own statement of needing review and possible amendments. It really confusing. Is it really Ketuanan Melayu vs 1Malaysia?

Malaysiakini has quoted that Najib thinks that the protest should not be politicised. Wrong, in this case it is not on the political level, it is for the society level. Priorities are wrong and this has proven he's a mere shownman not a reformer plus as what many said yesterday night, Najib has lack the political willpower.

Elizabeth Wong yesterday said of people are not willing to wait for the review and thinking that BN will just said mere words to make assurance but they are likely unwilling to review because that means a loss of their 52-years in power.

Let the numbers in the rally decide which side is the winner. Don't sulk if one side's number is 5 times or more than the police or the other side.

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