Thursday, August 6, 2009

You're No Computer Expert, Rais..So Back Down!

The Malaysian Insider reports that Rais Yatim's ministry is evaluating the feasibility of the Green Dam software as part of the aim of filtering unwanted content from the Internet.

But as said, the idea will draw flak as it violates the MSC bill of guarantees.

Rais, listen to the IT experts. You are only a politician. There are technical people out there including myself who thinks that taking this idea is a waste of time and still will not be able to accomplish the objective.

"The move comes on the back of proposals to register bloggers, most of whom are said to be anti-government, and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition parties to have a larger Internet presence."

Look....we criticize not of we don't like you...but the mistakes that you're committing and you don't bother to listen at all. Who is to blame later on?

Even other people, who writes blogs, will start getting very angry and bash you down the moment they hear some illogical idea. Just back down, will you?

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