Monday, August 24, 2009

Lunas Assemblyman Leaves PKR...I Said So About Anwar's Blunder

As I have said previously, Anwar Ibrahim has made one major blunder in this 17 months so far and that's evident when Lunas state assemblyman Radzhi Salleh decided to jump ship and become and independent.

I have mentioned my piece (Anwar Ibrahim's Biggest Blunder in 17 Months ) in the previous posting but would like to comment on the Lunas thing. The Lunas seat in 2000 won by PKR marks the start of the reformasi in the elections thing. It was fortunate for if Joe Fernandez was not murdered 9 years ago, it would still be a different thing.

Anwar, I've said so and you blew it. Period.

The signs where there before the real thing happened. For instance they never expected that turning down the opportunity to bubar state assembly resulted in 3 people moving over.

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