Friday, August 28, 2009

I Just Can't Wait To Watch The Coming Bout

The coming bout is what you can say in two ways. One is either a three-corner fight between Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek and Tiong King Sing (since he's dragged for the PKFZ thing with OTK). Or you can call it as the OTK one man show where OTK, like Napoleon and Hitler attempts to fight simultaneously on two fronts.

Following Chua Soi Lek's removal from the MCA Deputy President post, maverick MCA man Theng Bok and his team had started a campaign to call for an EGM to remove Tee Keat. That campaign has proven successfully to the point where previous president Ong Ka Ting resigned due to huge pressure. As if Theng Bok's men isn't enough, some divisions from Perak and Johor are very sure to be behind the man.

Of course, Tee Keat and UMNO are not in good terms recently, as mentioned in this Malaysiakini article. And for those history buffs out there, remember that Soi Lek is Muhyiddin's errand boy in the days of being MB of Johor so, I thought, as Ong, removing Soi Lek is something that is good considering that Chua never holds a ministerial post except a special post created for BN by Najib.

While Tee Keat fights on the two fronts, MCA's credibility is heading towards self-implosion. Give them the noose and they will hang themselves. And there's the PKFZ thing in which OTK tries to whack the Hua Kiew man Tiong in the $500 million lawsuit thing.

If the previous episode was the fight between Kit Siang and him, now it's Tee Keat trying to go into action swinging the punches at the other two men to win. A man of action? Well, I'm going to put my bet and support behind Tee Keat. And who would be the pitboss? Najib? Maybe the pit with no rules, no holds barred....and I remembered there was a satire poster of Tee Keat as Superman going left and right to sort out the mess.

Call me a sarcastic over this, but after reading the events of the MCA problem there, I find that Tee Keat has to fight on two fronts. It's anyone's of the three's fight really.

Come on OTK....let's go OTK....kah...kah...kah

I just can't wait to watch the coming bout really.

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  1. It's a whole lotta love, my friend. :)

    See my latest post on the stand-up comedies...


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