Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Red Wave Anti-ISA Rally Account

I wanted to see how the rally unfolded today, so I did some scouting first by going around Jalan Kuching and they police setting up roadblocks at Jalan Syed Putra. The turning to the old railway station was closed off as well.

Parking a car at a location, I went to Sogo to check the initial situation, and there were already three trucks with another one being the canine unit.

On the way, I bumped into Sunny at around 11.45 a.m that a round of tear gas was fired at Merdeka Square.

Turning at into the station, I met a fellow blog buddy and I was told that a humans right lawyer and another person was arrested because of distrubiting the red book. From there, I was told that seven were arrested at Sogo.

I went scouting around and checked the areas in Bar Council and Central Market. A few people were already arrested and inside the black Maria.

We had a drink break at Central Market before going back to the Masjid Jamek area by approximately two, three rounds of tear gas were fired at the station. Burger King was closed, the station was closed as well. Everyone fell back to the river bank and HSBC. Minutes later, the they regrouped and we noticed that the cops were assemblying in a group to proceed for the next attack.

From that on, the people there were told that they start moving towards the palace. But reaching Dayabumi, they were told to move back to Sogo. However, midway, I saw people running because there were cops and FRU chasing.

I could not go into the club because being blocked by the crowd. But having ended up at Bank Rakyat, the people were running towards Bank Negara as tear gas and chemical water were sprayed.

Back at Bank Negara, the cannon trucks were moving towards Jalan Raja Laut at PAS headquarters. Unfortunately, I could only permit myself for one hour before having to leave to help some office colleagues of mine.

My blog buddy, Manor Farm Journal was with me and additional pictures are in his posting.

My other blogger buddies were covering the key areas of Sogo and the Royal Selangor Club .

According to them, the carnage at SOGO and the club was more vile, violent then ever at in Masjid Jamek.

Additional photos

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