Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Rally That Became An Image Disaster for 1Malaysia

From far, this can or give lingers to the Bolshevik Revolution, except that Barisan Nasional doesn't like it and finds that what they do is a threat to their power base.

The idea was simple...march to the palace give the memo to the Agong and leave, disperse. That's it. But it was turned into a disaster for everyone and giving 1Malaysia a bad name by the actions of the police itself.

All the action and helter skelter happened in many places from Merdeka Square, Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara, Sogo and even at the PAS HQ in Jalan Raja Laut. Can you imagine how some MPs got roughed? For instance, in a capture by The Malaysian Insider, Hatta Ramli got his shirt ripped out.

As if there's more to see, Sivarasa got busted by the cops. See this link by Malaysiakini photos

At the end of the event it seems that the voice is clear that 20000 vs 100? in Anti vs Pro.

The question is of course who actually started the first shot?

The people handling there was handled badly by the cousins Hisham and Najib and of course the police chain commanded by Musa Hassan. I don't really think it's the lower police's fault. I bumped into one FRU man while waiting for the gas to die down and I said I want to take a train there to home (referring to Bank Negara). Fine, I made it there. I was expecting some of them to hit first then ask questions as showin in how the 150 people were taken for wearing black and the headbands in Sogo before they start doing something that is seen in protests.

I guess paranoia is running wild today.

People beaten, almost got laced by chemical water and tear gas and in fact I could feel the tear gas at my eyes - could have got worst had I not wear glasses.

Late in the afternoon, I was told that Ibrahim Ali can never muster more than 100 men and true ,there were only four with him. But then these jokers managed to hand the memorandum to the palace, while the police goes after the against ISA thing. So it seems that Ibrahim Ali is in some trouble, as a blog buddy of mine who was with me for drinks said.

There is something fishy of this stance really. So, quo vadis, 1Malaysia? What happened today is a piece echoing of Nazi Germany except that it's not Myanmmar, which is a military state. What they today - suppressing protests do it is part of the economic hit men strategy. Go and read Confessions of An Economic Hit Men to get an idea of how corrupt leaders in a country do as following a hit men's strategy.

There are some people within the ranks of UMNO who are not happy of how the cousins are running the show. Well, as a friend of mine said, give them a noose and they will hang themselves....

Update by Eli Wong: Sivarasa is not in a good shape at this time, but there's medication for him.

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