Monday, August 31, 2009

Petrol Price Increase - A EHM's Plan and A Merdeka Gift!?

Is the current move to forgive Third World debt an indication that the EHM's are losing?

On the contrary, I'm sorry to have to say that it shows a new level of sophiscation on the part of the EHMs. I certainly favor the idea of forgiving those debts - which, we must remember, were accumulated without the consent of the majority of the people of those countries and served to make the corporatocracy and a few wealthy Third World families even richer - but debt-forgiveness is not what is all about. The G8, The World Bank, and the IMF are once again exploiting thses nations and they are calling it "debt forgiveness". They are insisting on conditions that are cloaked in phrases like good governance, sound economics and trade liberalization. While the language is enticing, it is also terribly deceptive. These policies are good and sound only if you are looking at them through corporate windows. The countries that agree to such conditionalities are called upon to privatize their health, education, electric, water and other public services - in other words, sell them to the corporatocracy. They are forced to drop subsidies and trade restrictions that support local businesses while at the same time accepting that the US and other G8 countries can continue to subsidize certain G8 businesses and erect trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.
John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The Domestic Consumer Affairs Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that the RON 95 price will increased by another 5 sens to RM 1.80, replacing the current RON 97 price, while the RON 97 price will be moved to a RM 2.05 price a litre. How so the price increase actually reflects the plan of a EHM - to make countries in debt. When countries in debt, they are forced to restructure the economy and in the process increase prices, reduce subsidies and so on.

Sadly this is what is to be our Merdeka gift.

If you remember what Shahrir Samad said last time on November 18 2008 that we are no longer getting petrol subsidies since the last price drop. However, out of the RM 1.80 we pay for each liter, approximately 40 sens at most is tax money. Thus for an average 1.5L car, we pay approximately RM 16 in taxes. Unfortunately, at that time, Shahrir might not be aware that such thing is an economic hitman to make Malaysia in the red line of account margin.

Sabri is merely taking instructions from someone above. And I think that he could be falling into the same trap as Shahrir does, indirectly.

This whole thing - ultimately - is to con people. The problem is government is needing to recuperate the revenue and this one of the possibilities of recuperating it, increasing the price of RON 97 and giving something lower in grade. There is not much of difference in the two grade of petrol except of the burning degree difference. Performance wise, nothing much.

And if that is not enough, do you remember what the government said of increasing the electric rates back in July? That is also another economic hitman plan.

I am worried on one thing that is this thing could intend to stir shit and more inconvenience out of the public. I am worried that this thing was deliberately intend to make people think and appreciate BN with the alternative whereas there is actually no real benefit seen.

Wise up people. A deliberate aim of misery? Yes. I think so.

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