Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kota Seputeh Vacancy: Remember The Try in Perak?

Malaysiakini has reported that the state speaker of Kedah has filed a notice of automatic empty of seat for the Kota Seputeh seat after the assemblyman Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif has failed turn up in the last two assembly sessions without the Speaker's permission. (Read: AWOL). The state constitution has stated that if any assemblyman who fails to show up twice without cause will have the seat deemed vacant.

The Kedah EC commission has received the letter of notice from the speaker and will be passing to the federal level of the EC commission.

But do you remember what the EC did prior to the Perak fiasco?

When the state speaker V. Sivakumar submitted the letters of resignation of the three assemblymen to the election commission, the election commission rejected those letters resulting in Sivakumar suing the three representatives and the commission for that. In addition, the Bar council has criticized the Federal Court for in opinion that EC decides on vacancies, a fact that is wrong and the court can also declare that the seat is vacant if the assemblyman / MP is bankrupt, violating the law, etc..

But remember. previously there was word from certain quarters that Najib indirectly instructing the Election Commission not to declare the three seats vacant in Perak via the UMNO lawyer "Hasnizam" (or was it really Hafarizam Harun?) still remains around and seeing the news of that prompted me to say that they will try many ways not to make the seat vacant.

1. They have insufficient campaign money to fight in more by-elections. With this and maybe a few more like in one in Gua Musang (state seat) or the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat, it will be hard. Given that most of the by-election campaigns end with defeats they are not likely going to fight that hard and wanted a rejection over a fight.

2. Kota Seputeh is a Barisan Nasional seat and if the seat is vacant, it means that on the psychological aspect, BN will lose one more seat in the state.

These are the two basic premises that it is a high possibility that Barisan will definitely make the EC (as part of their unofficial 4 entities) to reject the letter of vacancy.

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