Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utusan's Provocation To Encourage Malay Chauvinism

Utusan's article entitled "The Malays are Cowards" is simply one way of UMNO to say to the Malay community that their rights have been stripped and so forth. But the statement that they say is merely a false hope to the people and actually people get nothing out of it.

The target of reading audience is for those majority of the Malay community who stayed away from urban areas and more on those village areas, with those who are lack in social savvy and education savvy in mind. In other words, those pre-Merdeka generation and those way back. The lack of Internet in those rural areas will be part of the advantage to press the false message to the readers there.

The idea behind the article is to provoke the other races into attacking the Malays and to encourage Malay chauvinism. Secondly, it is to reinforce the distrust, skepticism and unwillingness to trust other people of other colors. In other words, it is to keep the racial quo and gap wide open and maintaining the gap. In the recent years, the gap between all races are starting to close among each other, with everyone starting to express their comfortability to interact and work with other races.

“Who will hold the position of Chief Secretary. Secretary-generals, department director-generals. Senior officers and district officers? Who will be senior officers in the police and military?”

“Witness what has happened in Penang, Perak and Selangor. The Malay special rights and the NEP is no more.”

It didn't really matter whether you are black or white you can be a senior officer. Just whoever's best in the capability. Reading that I'd say that UMNO and this Noor Azam fellow demonstrated the lack of maturity and to think beyond the race game. It is like singing one tune with a lute over and over again.

The so call claim that Malays are losing power has been echoing since the March 8 general elections. That claim never existed at all. The real truth is that the so call Malay rights and privileges were never lost at all. UMNO is losing their power and dominance. The fear of losing power is driving them crazy and to do various kind of stupid and unacceptable things like calling police to whack people, calling Anwar as a traitor to their race, whereas people like Zahid and Muhyiddin are actually doing the wrong thing, etc..

As to fan more hate to them and push for more chauvinism, Muhyiddin remarked (as in Malaysiakini) - "What the Chinese, Indians and PAS want is greater political and administrative powers". Again, cap Melayu does not gurantee that race brand is the best in a capacity. It was illogical and wrong.

MCA and MIC are among the big three forming Barisan Nasional, but still after the general elections, they still say to people via their newspapers that they protect their fellow race interest. I mean like 'defenders of the Chinese, defenders of the Indians' but never answered the last part, 'against who?'. The answer is simple..against who means 'other races' meaning that if you're MCA, then the other races are your enemies. Simple as that.

I would love to go in a shoot whoever said that as a Commissar. How pathetic that people are = walking one step backwards. Please understand that everyone is getting duped into believing some cock shit by Utusan. It's time to wake up to reality. Period.

The question I have is how do you get out from the dream and put yourself into reality? If you have got up but you want to help people to be in the reality, how? Sometimes, exposing the inconvenient truth will have to be necessary to make things right...frankly.

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