Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are You Saying Helping Other Malaysians Is Considered Betraying Your Own Kind?

There is no religion in this world that says that you cannot help other people just because they are different skin colors or they practice different faiths. The Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and other holy books never said of you cannot help that. In fact saying that is a violation of the Abrahamic teachings, in which is the root of Islam and Christianity. Helping fellow men is the most common virtue that God himself would appreciate on men who would do it.

If someone said that helping others is betraying your own kind, that means it more or less of the teachings of the Devil. Only someone who is stupid would say that.

It started with a series of events starting with Muhyiddin Yassin calling Anwar Ibrahim as a traitor of the Malays and then UMNO had its own support Muhyddin in PWTC followed by NGOs coming to say the sentiment of Muhyiddin. On that last part, I wonder whether it is the blind faith to UMNO that is driving the frenzy or is it that the craze of self-gain leverage defying the logic and moral grounds?

People are starting to hate them. That's one of the reasoning. The anti-ISA rally, held 10 days ago reveals that 95% of people who participated there are the Malays themselves. There is a inference from that event to show that Malays are helping their fellow Malaysians, own skin and other skins (read non-Malays). From that point, it shows that the UMNO is losing power over the privileges they enjoyed in the last 52 years.

Now who is really actually betraying anyhow? Some of us do remember of how the misdeeds committed but unreported by 'scum' / people who are mostly affilated with UMNO.

Pic by The Malaysian Insider

I am no fan of Anwar Ibrahim but I find that if you are saying that helping people or being fair to other people irregardless of skin color is a sin and a traitor to your own kind, then you better ship out. The statement that started with Wak Sembab Muhyiddin mirrors to how Templars started the war against the Muslims in the Third Crusade. What is the point of having the 1Malaysia concept when you have people like Muhyiddin screaming like Ketuanan Melayu thing?

Shouting those rhetorics revealed the characteristics of people who are either in blind faith to the party without using logics or people who behave like Nazis. It also points out that Najib himself is facing trouble and dissent from people in his own party who is more of the leanings towards the Ketuanan Melayu concept that has gone down the drain. The tale of Julius Caesar, including the history that chronicles his life and backstabbing ultimately ends with Caesar's betrayal by his number two man. Consider in the Malaysian political context, maybe Muhyiddin could go against Najib sooner or later..perhaps.

You say other people but what about those among themselves? Consider this:

Muhyiddin sebenarnya menutup fakta bahawa bahawa pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan BNlah yang telah menggadai sejumlah tanah di negeri Johor kepada kerajaan Singapura pada awal tahun 1980-an lagi dan ‘pengkhianat terbesar perjuangan orang Melayu’.

Pemimpin Umno pada waktu itu telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 51,170 hektar kepada Singapura dengan bayaran RM350 juta.

Muhyiddinlah orangnya yang bertanggungjawab menggadai tanah-tanah orang Melayu kepada Singapura.

UMNO has totally ran out of ways to make people to follow them. They want fish for feed but the problems they face mirrors of how they are not able to do their own fishing and expecting people to spoon feed them all the time. And that's where the actual term of Ketuanan Beggars should come into place. And then, as Malaysiakini quoted from Anwar 'politics of race and hatred' is like being a lute player who plays only one tune over and over again.

Saying this thing over and over again will get people bored. And being too ultranationalist as some people will get the rest of the zoo very angry and will eventually get that joker killed. And I get sick of hearing the same tune played over and over again.

Yes, I am rambling because what Muhyiddin Yassin said is something that the younger generation wants to hear. When I sat on the LRT back to Masjid Jamek, I saw a graffiti that says ABU - meaning Asalkan Bukan UMNO. It seems that the young generation has sent a message of desire of freedom and seem to have a disillusion of UMNO and the politics of machination?

Don't believe me? You don't have to. Well, it's just my ramblings and opinion. Arguably, the ego factor is the government's strength and weakness. A media embarassment,( see Is Telling The Inconvenient Truth Something Worth It Now? ) as reported on the foreign media as like what Liberation said has put a shame on the government. It's a waking to reality thing. And to say to critics or people who thinks that the government is making the wrong moves as 'fuck you' shows how 'anti-democratic' - against what they claim to preach. Where's the walk the talk thing?

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