Sunday, May 5, 2013

Today's Polling Day is A Citizen's Real Test of Courage and Sincerity

It's D-Day and we're barely less than 15 minutes before the polling is closed. As the clock ticks down, many people have been monitoring news around the country over various attempts of phantom voters being ferried in as part of the covert cheating strategy that only the present regime that is Barisan Nasional will use to keep in power. Why do you think some of the known figures in the coalition would depart for London, Singapore or other places? Why is Najib and Rosmah voting later unlike the other rulers?

In the last few hours, many concerned citizens have demonstrated proof that phantom voters are ferried in. It is ashamed that there are FRUs, cops and some party quarters have colluded with the Election Commission to  stop those who tried to prevent illegals from voting into it. And this has resulted in some altercations. Worst is that some of the rowdy supporters have threatened PEMANTAU people and even chased voters out of some of the polling stations.

My main thought is that today's general election is actually more a less a test of a citizen's courage and sincerity.

Voters today are given the choice, in my opinion as an analogy of choosing whether to continue a new sense of living or choose to rot and dying in the unknown time. Judging from the preliminary reports, it seems that there are many people who have succumbed to the temptation of lies and have shown their unwillingness to have the courage to change. 

Another analogy to explain the point is that you are given the chance to take the winning away back to yourself or leave the money to be staked by the casino for other deeds. The bonus is that the element of luck is not included in the game. The cases of where the authorities colluding with the EC has already in the end demonstrated how forgetful and how unaware that citizens and pro-UMNO supporters are willing to forsake the nation's sovereignity to thousands of foreign people merely to remain in power. 

There's a Malay saying that once you got knocked in the head, you will finally realized. It's true. If you try to criticize them, they will get very unhappy and will get too emotional, sentimental to the point that they cannot think logically. It will take one national disaster (e.g, austerity, more livelihood problems) to finally realize what a terrible choice they have made. 

But at that time, it's already too late. Too much damage has been done and it will be very hard to recover.

After the results are out, we shall see how much sincerity and courage that you Malaysians have, as what the book The Myth of The Lazy Native would talk about.

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