Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chickening Out In Penanti?

No second guesses that Barisan Nasional decided to pull out of the Penanti by-election. Maybe one reason is that Najib Razak is terribly afraid of the spectre of Altantuya (in fact Anifah Aman made a blunder of spilling the beans at Hillary Clinton, thus attracting the world's attention) and the name Aminah Abdullah who wants to contest reminds him of a past secret.

No. What really happened is that Barisan does not have enough money to contest at Penanti. They spent too much money in the five by-elections, 3 Parliamentary seats and lost all except Batang Ai. Every by-elections costs almost $30 million for each district. To entice voters to support them, $300 as red packet will not suffice this time, and it might take up to $1000 to convince a person to vote.

There are a few BN wannabes who wish to contest in there but was denied the chance to do so following the decision. Of course, this means of a slap in the face by the leader they had chosen back before Pak Lah decides to leave office. What good can they do if they do not have enough start up money to contest there? And if Najib wants really wants to contest there, chances are other parties are unlikely to give him money for the campaign. If that is the case, chances are he may have to go back to ask money from Nazir / CIMB to finance.

When Najib decides to say no to Penanti, Dr. M, who previously said that BN should contest there surely will not be happy of what happened. These kind of actions could be considered as a slap in the face for certain parties. In any case, more complications involving Najib could happen soon.

When Barisan pulls out, chances are EC might not conduct a by-election unless there's BN. But if they are fair enough, they should proceed otherwise in event they decide not to so is because political master says no, it would be a walkover for Pakatan. However, Anwar has made a blunder in the last 15 months of not having more associate (those with the forte) members in the PKR stable. Apart from his ex political secretary, Anwar simply does not have someone with a good forte to take over Fairus in Penanti. Talking of frogs but nothing happens, that was a decent backup plan that Anwar might have considered way back earlier.

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