Sunday, May 17, 2009

At BUM 2009

Still it's quite a good crowd turning up for BUM 2009 the annual event of bloggers and non-bloggers alike who wish to know those people. Following the success of last year's edition, the organizing team is making it bigger with three sessions, instead of one and of course more food....yum.

This time, the Perak Network bloggers, whom I met at Bukit Gantang also showed up.

Covering from morning to evening, it's the drinks and coffee that makes people awake although some skipped the BM session.

Well some of the speakers invited could not turn up but nonetheless most came. Many people awaited with bated breath when Dr. M showed up and talked for one hour followed by a press conference at a separate room.

Morning speakers with opening speeches by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee and Desi YL Chong:

Phillip Koh, Art Harun, Dr. K.J John

Afternoon speakers hosted by Helen Ang:

Datuk A.K Jasin, Fathi Aris Omar, Fahri Azzat and Faizal Mustaffa

Evening speakers hosted by Dr. Lim:

Steven Gan, Jeff Ooi, Nik Nazmi Ahmad, Rocky, Citizen Nades

A few things that were mostly discussed is regarding the anonymous identity on blogs dispute on whether to use your name or otherwise, then the quality of content in internet over popularity and of course, mainstream media failing the citizens with second guessing methods (as in Melayau) and NST, and finally, Dr M's message is that if the government chooses to regulate Internet, do it at their risk of violating the international laws agreed after the MSC.

A good head start is a piece by Sim Kwang Yang seen here.

Media coverage can be seen at either Malaysiakini or The Malaysian Insider.

I had taken a good deal of pictures there, and they showed up well minus flash, dang the noise

You can view the rest of the pics at my Facebook link here.

But do watch out later for a special posting on snippets of Dr. M's talk yesterday, seems a bit funny and interesting to hear about. (will update you when it's done.)

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