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It's A Folly To Think That RPK Is A Pushover Like Others

I spoke for a while with my usual friend, and we briefly mentioned of poor dear Zorro's loneliness for today. Mainly we were discussing mainly about the talk of our Malaysian cops getting help from the Interpol to help find Pete Kamaruddin and extradite him back to Malaysia for the trial, since a warrant of arrest was issued for his failure to attend the defamation trial today.

I was highlighted of a posting from MarGeeMar on our blogger in the spotlight Goh Wei Liang of A Piece of My Mind. I've also mentioned in my previous posting entitled Whose Law To Follow? Malaysia, International or Australia? and as mentioned previously, incidentally, he was my junior in school by two years. Two days after his posting hit the web, basically, out of the tally of 46 comments, many people would be hitting him hard and some said that he's just another Rusdi / BN lapdogs in the making.

Basically, what the Malaysian police wants to do is simply part of the big picture. The ulterior motive of all that is shown here (defamation trials, sedition trials) is that Najib and Rosmah in particular are hell bent of putting him out of action once and for all, because any evidence on Altantuya even from Pete is sufficient to bring both down. See my posting "Hell Bent for Punishment " Reading through the piece today from the Star, I thought I would want to add three more things to what is written around the cyberspace.


Firstly Pete is basically a no pushover guy that can be put into one corner. If it is claimed that he's in Australia, then in the first place how would the Australian immigration authorities allow him to go through without holding him back or suspecting him of some crime back home? It he's allowed entry into Australia without hindrance, it means that the Australian authorities do not see him as a wanted man or a threat to him.

Right after his credibility is established with those expose among the people's minds, he started with his writings on all kinds of stories without evidences.
But people hold true to it and believed it thanks to the earlier part where he established his credibility.

Given of his antics, despite the comment, Pete can be a smart cookie at certain scenarios warranted.

Secondly, given on his unique lineage (half-English) and him carrying a dual-citizenship (another being an English passport), this gives Pete a chance to be subjected to British laws, not Malaysian laws. Should Interpol decides to do an independent investigation / interrogation of themselves into finding out why Pete would be unwilling to be extradicted, he has the right to use the British law as the law being subjected to, not by Malaysian law.

Third, given of how the reputation of kangaroo courts in Malaysia as seen in the Zambry-Nizar appeal last week, this can give an advantage to play one game on a level field.

Political Asylum and Authority Boundaries

The term political asylum means of the right to stay in a sovereign country if the person is deemed to be persecuted for political reasons (among one) by the country of their origin.

Australia has its known sets of rules in its political asylum matter. If the Australian authorities find that Pete has a reason to be understood of being persecuted for nothing other than political reasons (in this case, yes it falls under that), then they do have the right to grant Pete and Marina the right of an asylum there. However, a fact that is known from that is that Malaysia does not have concrete evidence of telling Australia and Interpol of a valid reason of extraditing him. Raja Petra is not Carlos The Jackal, does he carry dangerous weapons like a terrorist? No! Of course not!

Should Malaysia insists on extraditing Pete from Australia (as it claims to be), under the politcal asylum rules, Australia, as the sovereign authority can state its conditions to Malaysia that must be fulfilled such as dropping the charges, ISA charges or so on since it is the party that grants the asylum thing.

Given of the past reputation, America, Australia and UK are among the top nations that plays fair by the rules and law and on the game of political asylum. If Malaysia is to present its case on the reason of taking Pete back to Malaysia, consider that a folly and other nations will laugh even if it also indirectly refers to Altantuya.

Here's another case of political asylum: Anwar Ibrahim seeked refuge at the Turkish assembly when he received info of a death threat. The Malaysian authorities wanted to take him out but under politcal asylum rules, Turkey will be the witness if something goes wrong with the refugee. This ultimately resulted in our police backing down from being hard or persecuting people.

Don't Be A Hero, Expendable You Would Become

There was a friendly advise gave by my friend during our talk which is basically don't be a hero. I went through most of the comments that readers sent to the guy Wei Liang for his posting it's noticed that people are absolutely unhappy over his stance. My friend even said that our guy is playing a wannabe hero or something.

First of all, given of the stance, it's like being somewhat like either some BN-bloggers that I knew and there was one remark I saw which simply says of another 'Barking Magpie' in the making...hahaha. Anyhow, it's like taking a dangling carrot to work for one organization realizing later that you're expendable and no longer needed. The desire of hitting fame and spotlight diminishes the moment of learning yourself expendable.

Hafidz Baharom's recent article is also a classic case of a wannabe hero but the caution is that he could be expendable someday that we may never know.

The prosecutors that were once part of prosecuting Pete are also paying the price and being expendable. In 'Hell Bent for Punishment', I've mentioned that the previous DPP for the sedition and defamation trials, Roslan Md. Noh was replaced by Gani Patail (read expendable) when they found out that they do not have enough evidence to convict Pete on both trials. Frankly, as long as Pete is out there, the real ones that are guilty in Altantuya murder are sweating and freaking like pigs.

Dear Wei Liang, don't get yourself carried away of being a wannabe hero and be expendable later on. That's what my friends and I want to say. Now there are many monikers on you that you'll see later on...


  1. Dear Wei Liang, don't get yourself carried away of being a wannabe hero and be expendable later on.
    Spot on

  2. "Given of the past reputation.America, Australia and UK are among the top nations to play fair by the rules and law and on the game of political asylum."

    I mean this in the best intention to you and all readers that may have come across this statement that you the kind writer have written.

    I find this statement grossly over generalising and a bit naive to state without qualifications.

    These three countries have very different background and have very different historical experiences unique to themselves as any other sovereign country would have its own historical and cultural baggages and hiccups too.

    One may say that the most common line of connection may be the English language spoken but even that the Americans may claim that their english is an improvemnt over the mother country's the UK version. Ths australian English version also may be very colorful and interesting.

    Any country as in any individual person when making a decision invariably will put self interest and risk to oneself as a deciding factor to go forward.

    Fairness and justice as seen in many countries can be relative to who it benefits.
    As in real life a judgement in a favor of party A will be greeted as a fair judgement and the losing party B will always regard a judgement not in their favor as unfair and misguided.
    You see my point or not.
    Let's us suppose RPK is really in Australia, and he got in because Oz thinks he is not a threat.
    Do you think OZ would sacrifice a country's national interest for one individuals political struggle, If it was a Chinese dissident and it is China that Oz is up against, the boom in trade and sale of commodities like coal and gas would be a consideration in OZ deciding to let one political refugee in at the risk of causing hundreds of Australians to lose their jobs and livelihood and causing a destablising factor in Australian social life.

    Fairness is always greeted highly for those things have been ruled in their favor.

    I think it it fair to qualify the above quoted statement by saying that the 3 countries mentioned above will let is someone seeking political refugee status if it does not cause the host country too much trouble and does not cause destabilisng forces on the country as a whole.

    Former Paul Keating as I may recall correctly or PM Hawk and PM Howard all have said something along the line that Tun M was an incorrigible recalcitrant.

    It shows the general feeling of Australia's regard for Malaysia's perceived image overseas.

    In RPK case he was perceived as a low threat to the overall scheme of things in Australia and letting him to enjoy Brisbane's mild winter and sunshine is merely a lift of a finger.Perhaps he travelled to Australia on a UK passport , that would it even easier.

  3. Yes,
    definitely agree with your article..
    May RPK stay strong as ever.

  4. Learn English - your article appears to be written by 10 year old.

  5. Weird! Interpol Charter does not allow for extradition in the case of "political" reasons.

    In the case of a former senior employee of the CCB (Cooperative Central Bank, Jln. Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur), whom the AG wanted to prosecute in CBT for a few million dollars, the AG failed in extradition - from Australia.

    Said employee went on to become the Mayor of a town in Oz.

    Apparently this Goh (who claims to be in Australia) needs to brush his teeth more often.

    - Former Banker


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