Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bye Bye...Home

Kevin drew that pic above and below it says:

Thanks for the 18 years of shelter,
You're always special to me.

Gone back to Ipoh over the weekend to help pack up a lot of things. We had to move out of the house latest by 10th of the month as it has been sold. Our family has been staying there for almost 36 years since the house was first built up by IGB - or Ipoh Garden Berhad it used to call though. Some family members came and go mainly because of having setting up their own family lives. And for 25 years, I've grew up there. So by the evening of today, most of the electrical equipment and light furniture were moved out except for the fridge.

Of course, as dad said, it's a chapter of a book that has to be closed. Since Kevin started studying after secondary school, there's no one to look after the house as my late grandfather was too weak to move around. Since then, upkeep is pretty troublesome and there's no one is in the house except that mom, who sometimes drop by every nightfall.

A will left by grandfather stipulates of the house to be sold after his death, well it had to be and some of us wish to retain the house but you can't break the rules really...heh.

The one thing I loved about the house is due to the geographical factor. You can easily go in and out of the town, for example you can go to the stadium in less than 5 minutes, go to Kampung Simee in about 5 minutes, reach Ipoh town in about 15 minutes and etc..and best you can walk with ease to Kinta City Shopping mall which is opposite the main road.

Well, after that, I could be moving to either another town called Bercham or in Gunung Rapat, depending on the what happens in the entire month or so.

There's too much memory to carry about in this house, so I took some pictures at least as mementos. I am sure that when the next owner comes to take over, the house would be completely renovated, but we won't be seeing it there. I don't know whether if some of my relatives want to remember what's the house look like, but there's some pics which I left at Facebook. Sorry folks, though as of now the pics access is purely for family and relatives lol. But I can share one or two pics over this page.

Boy I will miss the house badly. I think there are about at least three moments of life I could remember about that place, mainly the one fine afternoon 15 years ago, slipped in the dining room as a kid and of course hearing the sounds of mobile hawkers / salesman at the backlane when in the toilet....:)


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