Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whose Law To Follow? Malaysia, International or Australia?

The Malaysian cops claimed that Pete is in Brisbane, Australia, while some claimed to be somewhere else but not in Australia. In this piece I'm writing, I will put in the scenario assuming that Pete is in Australia.

As mentioned by Pete earlier, he has mentioned that the main reason of not showing up for the sedition trial last month was the knowledge that he would be arrested on the spot and shipped to Kamunting Detention center with the government serving a second new ISA detention order - disregarding the first one. The sedition trial is unnecessary as given of evidence and so on, the prosecution will not be able to have sufficient evidence to win the case, in which Gani Patail and Najib is hell bent on sending Pete to prison.

Now then, I basically know the guy who wrote "A Piece of My Mind" blog (see his posting called "Place RPK on the Interpol List") - since he turned out to be my junior in school days. He said of getting Interpol to have Pete. The question is if Interpol wants to interrogate or take Pete, is he going to be subjected to International laws, or Australian laws or otherwise? No way that Malaysian laws can be used if he is in Australia. Instead it is either the Australian law or Interpol.

Second question is since Pete claims that he has tons of evidence that could incriminate Najib and Rosmah, will Interpol likely to take a serious consideration onto the piece of evidence that he might provide to them? The Altantuya murder has caught the attention internationally, Dr. Setev is considering of filing an appeal of the outcome at the International Court at the Hague. If you call the FBI to investigate or review the Altantuya investigations objectively, assuming your are third party, it is likely that what is said in documents, testimonials are true, authentic. But in that scenario, Malaysia cannot deny that such evidence does not exists.

Consider if Pete provides evidence to the International Court of Law, everything is a foregone conclusion and not even the kangaroo courts or moving the goalpost tactics in Malaysia by the regime can stop the International law and Malaysia will end up as a laughing stock all because of one woman and the ghosts of the past.

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