Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello, Police...Are You Looking At The Wrong Pole?

There were a few interesting stories lately that I saw at the Star which shows something about innocents being harmed. Let me give you a few....

1. OCPD robbed at knife point
2. Pregnant woman dies after thieves pull her off the motorcycle
3. Snatch theft: another pregnant woman killed

See cases #1 and #2 has proven the point that I will never ever stay in JB town or work there because of social insecurity. Anywhere is not safe and the crime rate it a little higher than in KL or in Penang. I jokingly told a friend of mine, that Frank Castle should come in and whack the hell out of the scum in the south coast. After all, Mandripoor is a little of Johor and Singapore, right?

Instead of focusing on those crimes that innocent blood is spilled because of the scum, the cops have revealed themselves to be following the orders of the political masters, to preserve and consolidate the hegemony of wrong dominion over the nation. I understand that those in the middle and the lower ranks could not go against their goodwill and conscience for if they do, they are considered to be insubordination against the orders of their superiors whom is seen from bird's eye view to be committing something that is morally wrong.

I have said many times that the police are still looking at the wrong end of the pole and should instead pay more attention to those common crimes above. Look at how the allocation of the task force, majority of them put under administrative work instead of crime beat, on the street routine.

Here in the last three days, 19 people arrested for voicing out disagreement against the current state of affairs in Malaysia. You have this Wong Chin Huat arrested, another 15 more arrested for vigiling outside the Brickfields police station, carrying no weapons but just candles, and Mat Sabu and two others in the aftenoon. That is obviously shows that superiors of the force have screwed the priorities upside down. That is looking for wrong excuses, wrong reasons, wrong people to start.

The police have been doing random roadblocks in KL city in the last 5 days. On Friday, the whole stretch from Mid Valley to Bangsar was jammed due to a police road block at Jalan Telawi. I wondered about tomorrow back in Ipoh. First, thing, St. Michael's and Poi Lam school is within the vicinity of the State Secreteriat. To hold a road block, in conjunction with court remand order is to create further inconvenience to the school students in the morning who need to be there by 7,30 p.m, failure in which they face penalties from school's disciplinary board. I remembered one day where the whole working community turned up very late to their offices because of road blocks in Parliament, which created much anger at the police and even apology from Syed Albar doesn't put them off.

I do share the same sentiment as my friend The Fish does. Looking at the two scenarios with the common thing between the two is about the police, I don't think I'd like them. One night on Friday, at a road block at Jalan Datuk Keramat, a police officer was inspecting every vehicle. The guy inspecting was rude. Of course he was married (the ring) but rude. I would really want to take that asshole to the Internal Affairs thing..ditto to our Chief State police in Perak if tries to do another Khalid Bakar publicity stunt.

The better way for the police is to do more crowd control instead of packing the detention cells with innocent people who do no harm to mankind. There's going to be a hoo haa if detention cells are filled with the people inappropriate to be there.

There's hysteria already for the fat lady prior to the conclusion of the singing of an opera.

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