Friday, May 22, 2009

Premeditated Outcome In Court and Perak

It is predicted as many believe that the verdict of today's appeal will be 3-0 at best (agreed vs disagreed) over Mamak Zambry's appeal against the High Court declaration. I've already asked a lawyer friend of mine and no doubt he agreed with the outcome. I also asked him whether Nizar and his counsels are already aware of this premeditated outcome, the answer is a yes.

The outcome is no surprise. This outcome came from an instruction from Najib Razak himself which was relayed to Chief Justice Zaki, then relayed to the Court of Appeals head, Alauddin Sheriff to the three judges. The instruction is very simple: make sure the verdict is in favour of United Malays National Organisation, with the reason being that so that people see that the government is doing the right thing and fair and the opposition, particularly Anwar Ibrahim won't be able to whine or complain more, although it is clear that it is a deliberate attempt to steal his thunder.

This premeditated outcome precedes the next one coming next week. Under enormous pressure from partners and people, United Malays National Organisation relented into calling a statewide snap elections. And that's where the first outcome comes into place. It will Zambry that will call for a snap elections, with that declaration. And in the game field, the rules will be played according to United Malays National Organisation rules, other rules means they will lose the game outright regardless of how good they are.

Sadly not many people would able to know that this results are premeditated, except for those who understand well. The people that I refer to of unable to know is the common people, those who are merely convinced by what the MSM papers would say and not beyond that further. Right now, Najib Razak is playing something pretty dirty with Public Relations to help out. There are only two things in the world that will bring him down: Military Intelligence or the fact of being sandwiched of listening to Big Mama or Dr. M, either one is whammy.

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