Thursday, May 14, 2009

Altantuya, Hollywood and Hong Kong

Look at these two posters. Both of them had the common theme of murder of a famous subject. But then the Black Dahlia remains Los Angeles's unsolved mystery of all time for the murderer was never found despite after 60 years.

Hong Kong is now creating a 20-40 episode TV series that mirrors to the murder of Altantuya. But then it is layered with characterization and whatever to make the story interesting. But the story is taken from the core concept of a murder and a connection to a high-ranking politician, in the real case was Najib and his associate Razak Baginda.

Apparently, this another case above has freaked someone special that I was told that they are now mulling of summoning the TVB in Hong Kong. But why there instead of the newspapers?

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