Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hell Bent for Punishment

Here's a very interesting piece by Pete yesterday entitled "What Will Irritate Them The Most?"

“Your file is on Najib’s table,” my Umno contact told me. “I attended a meeting where you and Anwar were discussed. Najib told us that you and Anwar have to be dealt with as soon as possible. He wants you both out of action.”

I called up Anwar and he confirmed that he too had received the same information. So it must be true then. My Umno contact then told me a very interesting story.

It seems the AG had summoned the DPP handling my two court cases, Roslan Md Noh, and asked him whether they can secure a conviction in my sedition and criminal defamation trials. Roslan replied that they really don’t have a case against me and should actually consider dropping the charges.

The AG went berserk. He shouted at Roslan and said that Roslan is negative and has an attitude problem. He then removed Roslan from my case and appointed Shahidani Abd Aziz as his replacement. Roslan was then sent into cold storage at the industrial court. That is probably the end of Roslan’s career so he might as well resign from the government and go into private practice.

“They are going to detain you on the 23rd when you attend your sedition trial,” my Umno contact told me.
In truth, if the playing field between the government and citizen in the court is even, the results will be an innocent result for the accused, in this case Pete can win his sedition cases, lawsuits and the ISA appeal by the government.

It provides a revelation of how hell bent Gani Patail and Najib Razak is bent of silencing him and Anwar Ibrahim for both of them are noted opposition against tyranny and those who wish of doing good and truth for the nation.

The line "wants both out of action" implies of how desperate to silence them because as long as both of them are still out, Najib and especially Big Mama is getting into hot soup particularly the latter. The statement there shows of the courts becoming a kangaroo cop and how people are distrusting the judiciary and the cops, since decisions show many are against the naked truth.

Hence, what Rais said of accusing the international media of a grand design to damage Najib's reputation is not entirely accurate. If a citizen has a interesting revelation that is proven true everywhere which the media like NST or TV3 rejected them, where else can they go to besides blogs? International media is one viable and only option left open.

The scenario is like during the feudal times where innocents are given wanton punishments by tyrants for their innocence or small crimes. It's like reliving the time of Bourbons in France..well sort of.

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  1. In my layman terms,Pls have some inputs(from fair/just readers) so I can have a clearer picture for a better understanding of the situation.
    Sediton is saying things against the Royals. Correct or not? Sedition is creating races to be voilent to each other? Correct or not?
    So in my view, RPK did not do both of them. He is providing info for the police to start investigating. Correct or not?
    My simple layman logic is that Najib is ONLY a governtment servant, an elective representative. he is no royalty.
    Say you provide information to put Musa Aman to jail. Is it sedition?
    I need to be enlighten, any provide some guidance.


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