Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Mama Pressed The Panic Button

Take a few examples first like Norza, Ali Rustam barred from UMNO elections, Anwar being blocked from giving speeches in Bukit Gantang, Azalina being investigated by the MACC, Fairus investigated over the quarry matter, Gobind ejected from Parliament over the remark, Karpal sued for Sedition and etc, and now of course the cops barring parties from bringing up on anything that is related to Rulers or anything on the cun Mongolian girl Altantuya.

The last part is very amusing indeed. In the last three by-elections, people from everywhere (excluding the gerombolan) is seen shouting Altantuya at Barisan Nasional. It is a sword of Damocles that keeps hanging on Najib.

So it seems that whatever happens in the last few weeks, Big Mama has pressed the panic button.

Many have said that singing the Altantuya tune has reached the boiling point for Rosmah. In Kuala Terengganu, camp Najib went panic over the strong sentiment at them. There are a few occasions in where Rosmah or Najib did not come out to face the sentiment before they try clarifying the issue via The Malaysian Insider. At the UMNO open house last October, Rosmah did not show up when meeting with people, it is allegedly that there is something wrong with her.

When the police banned such things from political speeches in especially the Altantuya thing, on the flipside, it gives a hint that Big Mama cannot keep her guilt. And that is my guessing given that it has totally pissed her off. Even if people cannot say Altantuya, they can still say her other name like Aminah, Siti Aminah Abdullah, hey, there's more than one moniker of Altantuya...

According to a policeman in Taiping, the instruction came from the Home Ministry, which is of course, Syed Hamid Albar. Given of the current predicament as well as how he fared at the UMNO elections, it is a 50-50 chance for him to be in the Najib's cabinet, he could be retained or dropped. It's a tight line for Albar; he had to play both sides.

If I remembered correctly, there were ISA papers of Anwar, Karpal, Nizar prepared by Syed Hamid on Najib's instruction, but Pak Lah "secara tegas menolaknya"

Here's something more from Chegubard:
Semalam hampir semua bendera DAP dan KEADILAN dirampas oleh SPR dan Polis di Bukit Gantang. Kononya kerana hanya PAS yang bertanding. Pagi ini pula semua ceramah anjuran KEADILAN tidak dibenarkan. Maka ko ordinator program KEADILAN telah bertindak pantas dan memasukkan makluman program melalui ko ordinator program PAS.
Those who were born in the 80s do not know really much of the Ops Lalang thing. What you see both in and out of Barisan Nasional camp recently is a thinly-veiled thing that mirrors what was used to be Ops Lalang.

Yes. Be very afraid indeed.


  1. Aint this world FULL OF SUPRIZE!!

    Do wat ever it takes; dont seems to be hornored slang.

  2. 1.We can always say " Altan dan Tuya". Can the police charge us. Sound it like the Mexico Wave, as in football, into 2 parts of the PR group. Period.

    2. We can shout Kugan's name as in "Ku dan Gan". Period.

    Lets be creative maaaannnnn.

    Amrit, Singh the King

  3. i think they just wet they pants

  4. They can catch everyone and Put inside the jail under will not break the spirit of the people who really care and want A clean government.


    They use fear factor tactics.

  5. There ain't much buttons left to be pushed, the last one will read: " all the way in, no coming out"!


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