Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome To Najib's Life

I thought that I'm going to say that the swearing in ceremony today would be postponed, but I decided against writing it in the morning because some reliable media has yet to confirm the story.

So today, welcome to Najib's life. You may not see it today but it may happen in after 100 days.

When I looked at the pictures of Najib swearing before the Agong, I noticed that in one picture, the Agong doesn't seem to smile. From the looks of it, I guess that the Agong isn't very keen to greet Najib as PM #6 but had to play low, until a great bombshell - maybe -could be dropped somewhere, sometime.

Well, what people wanted is ignored, sadly.

So, with Najib appointed, that completes the RAHMAN wording. What happens after then N? Are we going to see RAZAK? It's a wishful thinking really. If RAZAK happens to kick in, then:

R - Razaleigh
A - Anwar Ibrahim
Z - Zaid Ibrahim
A - anyone whose name starts with A
K - Khairy Jamaluddin?

Sure, KJ wants to become PM, but maybe he has to wait until maybe another 30 years at least if RAZAK happens to be followed. Hahaha...

They call April 3 Black Friday - because in 90 minutes after Najib was sworn in, The Home Ministry raided the Suara Keadilan printing plants. But later on, on TV, Najib's first act was to release 13 from ISA and reinstate printing licenses for Harakah and Suara Keadilan.

I won't count on those things and I thought it's more of Maggi Mee solution.

If that is the case, let's see how things unfold in the next 100 days. When the cabinet line-up is going to be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday, the ones whose asses are on the line are Abdullah's men as ministers. Najib, my guessing is that he could elevate himself as Home Minister and give the Finance, Defence Minister post to someone else.

Of course the ones who are more desperate than Najib is Big Mama and Muhyiddin Yassin, for assured of DPM post prior to that, whatever he stakes - not in rep but fortune is in danger like the CIQ complex in Johor.

If the minister lineup comprises of many men from Johor, then as what my friend would say, the mentality state from people there could be influencing the whole nation! hahaha!

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