Thursday, April 23, 2009

May 7 In Perak: Annihilation or Annihilated?

Annihilation is a double edge sword for both the people and the Barisan Nasional regime. The showdown is set in Perak where on May 7, possibly we would see whether the state assembly would be held or not. Note though that the assembly was called without the knowledge of V. Sivakumar, the speaker and it seems that Barisan Nasional with the help of the state secretary by-passed the rule of law to achieve their 'evil' goals.

We shall see whether there is an assembly or not. There could be two endings to that event. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the two possible scenarios.

People's Scenario

What the people wanted of state snap elections come true. The state constituition stipulates that a snap election must be held if there is no assembly sitting six months after the last one. The last officially recognized sitting was in November 2008. The March 3 sitting is disputed. Some say it's called while the regime / gerombolan calls it an illegal. Suppose if the sitting under the tree is not officially included, then it means there has not been any sittings if coming past May 13.

Of course Barisan Nasional would desperately want to have a sitting the week before that end, because if a snap election is called automatically after May 13, the big thing is that to expect Barisan Nasional to be annihilated in the snap elections with a margin as high as 40 to 19. The margin if, it goes is that high is because people are totally very angry of how the regime took over the state government via illegal means (read: Najib blackmailed Sultan). Obviously they want to keep the loot of their gain.

People anger boils up when the village heads filed a lawsuit against Mamak Zambry for dismissing them when they were appointed by the Nizar administration. Same goes as selling the Camry - better and cheaper than those expensive but 'flacked' Mercedes cars.

Regime Scenario

As said just now Barisan is refusing to let go of what they acquired via dirty means, so they have line up a series of plans to provoke, make noise, disturbia or call what ever you want.

Of course the one thing in mind is trying via illegal means to remove Sivakumar the speaker. The plan is to convene regardless of speaker's consent, block the 13 PR assemblyman that could swing the outcome of the motion they might want to discuss and put in the Jelapang woman Hee as the next state speaker. Then with that, they can pave the way to implement what they want in the space of three years.

If for all the cheats they played that they cannot remove the speaker, the next plan that could be in the cards is the same May 13 scenario. Never count that thing, but such plan is also possibly in the drawing board of the BN regime. A good friend of mine always reminded me that as Najib being the UMNO chief for Perak, when the going gets tough, there's the same 1969 recipe that could be used again.

Now people realized that it's the some people within the Parti Perikatan back in 1969 that instigated the deadly riots. As Pete said, having the assembly on May 7 could also be a trap of inviting people into their net and create havoc and emergency. It happened in Kelantan previously in 1978, but after recapturing 1990, the coalition had a tough time to capture Kelantan. Even as if it is not enough, another operation similar to Ops Lalang could happen back before.

The Last Word

The bottom line is just be prepared of any scenario. The people in Perak cannot afford to sit back and let nothing happens as they got what they wanted from the March 8 elections but taken away via illegal means by the opponent.

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