Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Time For Perwaris To Back Up Their Claims!

GMI - The Abolish ISA Movement has extended an invitation to the Malay NGO called Perwaris to participate in a debate on May 9 about why the ISA is needed. They have asked Perwaris to come out to tell the audience why they claimed that ISA is needed to protect the Malay rights and religion.

As to show the invitation, GMI has asked bloggers to spread the word of their invitation:


Debat ISA: Haram atau Halal?

Please be informed that Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) will be organising “Debat ISA: Haram atau Halal?” in the light of the recent claims made by a group called PEWARIS chanting that ISA is in line with Islam and it is needed in order to protect the religion of Islam.

Please be informed that GMI has sent an invitation to PEWARIS to send their representative to refute the anti ISA stand taken by GMI.

To date, we have not received any reply from PEWARIS whether they will be coming to the event in order to present their views, which are in support of the ISA. In the spirit of freedom of speech and expression, the positive reply from PEWARIS to debate on the above mentioned issue is very much anticipated.

We hope that this information can be published on your respective blogs in order to inform the public on the event. Your commitment and support in the ongoing campaign to abolish ISA are highly appreciated. Please forward this information to your blogger friends. The details of the event are as follows:-

Event : “Debat ISA : Haram atau Halal?”

Spekers : YB Saari Sungib (GMI) V Representative from PEWARIS

Venue : Auditorium, Dewan Sivik MPPJ.

Date : 9 May 2009 (Saturday)

Time : 3.00pm-5.00pm

Please be informed that a press conference on the event will be held on 4 May 2009 (Monday) at Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall at 11.00am. Do come and show your support.

Thank you.


Fadiah Nadwa Fikri


Now it's time for Perwaris to back up their claims over what they had said on November 23 last year, where they claimed to say there is a need for ISA. I would really like to hear what are their arguments are. If they don't have the points to back why they need to do so or give something that is something that is dubious or stupid, then I guess that Perwaris can't walk the talk. or just do the blind faith of the UMNO doctrine. And it means that they are just bigots that keep screaming Malay Supermacy whereas they are talking about being Ketuanan Beggars.

Frankly there is one question I hope to get out from this, which is from where do they learn and belief that ISA is needed to protect their Malay rights? The real Islamic teachings, derived directly from the Abrahamic teachings do not tolerate racism among people including those of other faiths. To believe in such thing is also no less similar of being a Nazi or a Afrikaner who discriminates the blacks during the Apartheid period. Or let me make it simple. The statement and reasoning is seems pretty ridiculous and they call it halal whereas it is factually not.

It would be a nice thing to see Perwaris coming out to debate. If they say no, then we know that they are merely chickening out over what they claimed to advocate.

The forum could have been more lively and more enlightening if there are constituition lawyer speakers that presents the points that connects the dots about ISA and demonstrate its irrelevance in the 21st century, i mean those speakers like Malik, Tommy and a few of them.

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