Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekend in Taiping

Feel the election fever there, so I decided to have a weekend in Taiping.

The last time I was there was about 15 years ago. I spent one day at the lakeside, that was during 15 years ago.

So, there I was again to see what's it like after missing out Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu.

Originally, my plan was to stay from Friday until Wednesday. Had my late grandfather got well instead of going down, this would have been the plan. Having using up a few days leave last month, I couldn't stay more. Not enough people now in office means that I'm needed to fill up.

Apart from the travels which I've included, seeing the town is almost like going back to Old Town Ipoh.

There's me taking a picture staying at an inn facing Jalan Stesen in the morning before our trip to Port Weld with guys like Boom, Gus, Viveg and Duke. While stopping by to refueling a few guys were waving the PAS flag and money to an amah Barisan supporter for PAS support :)

In the evening we went to see the main gate of the infamous detention camp. Unfortunately, while waiting for the show to start, heavy rain started to fall. So we had to wait until after 8 to move to Terong, which is the other side of Bukit Gantang.

Nightfall, we went back opposite the main market to have our late night dinner. That's where most of the special celebrities were having dinner. : read political people. On the way, I saw Teratai's Jenice Lee, Klang's Charles Santiago, Port Weld's Tai Sing Ng and no surprises, Koh Tsu Koon. All there in one place there's dinner until late night.

We didn't go out except for good food (kuey tiau soup, fritters) until in the evening when the Special Bunch went for the DAP dinner coverage. Of course, a few Malay bloggers stopped by for a visit and of course a bunch of Malaysians in Singapore stopping by. We met them yesterday and I was surprised to see my good friend Clifford (Ghostline) leading the youngsters. They were at Terong the night before.

Sigh...could have join the bunch for celebration, but mind's too full of work. Need to sleep....

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