Sunday, April 5, 2009

Instant Noodles in Port Weld

The other day, the term "instant noodles" coined out recently means for out of the sudden projects launched by the political parties to entice support from the people in that constituency. And Najib has assured that there will be no instant noodle projects during the election campaign.

Remember that while cooking instant noodles, you need to clean the noodles constantly, with cold water as you see what those noodle people cook. The reason of cleaning it with another pot of water is to clean off existing plastic / dirt that is not removed from the first one. Every pack of instant noodles contains layers of plastic. If not taken care of, it will affect your health and if eaten too often, it could lead to death.

This situation is akin to what Barisan Nasional is doing now in Port Weld. To entice the support of the Chinese voters, the class-F contractors appointed by Barisan Nasional have started three days ago to fix the drainage system on the main road leading to there.

Also, to play the unity stunt, the Education Ministry launched the state-level school Rakan Muda program in a chinese school in that vicinity of Port Weld.

But who may know that this project, if not done properly could cause problems and more fixes are required - which means more money required to solve the problem. This is akin to cooking instant noodles but not well enough.

Through the way to Port Weld, we noticed many people in the gerombolan eating the famous Mee Udang (malay prepared) - but I don't know whether it's free for everyone who is supporting the BN.

P.S - You must go for the very good curry mee and tow foo fah in Port Weld. The curry mee is in well demand and it starts selling only after 3 p.m

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