Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh What A Lovely Day! : Part 2

This year I get to celebrate Chinese new year only from one side, the other is not as a mark of respect, well for personal reasons or so. And I really get to enjoy the real reunion dinner, which is eating at home. All of us gathered at my uncle's house in Cempaka for food and drinks, and of course I get to see my youngest cousins from Singapore.

First don't say it's political in nature, but it was by coincidence. I had lunch at Casuarina on First day of new year with someone and it was at around 12.30 when we finished our meals. So, I decided to go and see the open house at Mamak Zambry's place there. Hey..I would really want to find out who were there, and I see many kaki bodeks there including those who need the BN government connections (e.g, Chamber of Commerce, etc..)

I remembered that my ex-teacher quit teaching to move into politics and he became the Port Weld assemblyman during the Badawi years. So I happened to meet them. I tried not to make a big profile there, and of course the three frogs where there, but briefly. Hee was limping really and there were some prominent state UMNO bigwigs including deputy ministers.

It was surprising to have Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt showing up that day, but for a while. Maybe more or less a courtesy call or something. I only went to have a cooling cendol desert there. While lining up, it was the 'speaker haram', as some called shaking my hand.

I told a friend of mine, who was talking with me before bed on the phone about my CNY there, so I told him about this thing, maybe to see if he can comment or something.

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