Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duh....Not Another Bonfire!

Burning of books that is believed to be part of sin / narcissism, that was the main activity that was prominently seen in the Bonfire of Vanities event. Even during the height of the Nazi's in power they do have that kind of activity.

Today burning of books is no longer like that seen prominently in the past but instead we are seeing confiscation of books instead which is deemed illegal or otherwise, which by official reason is considering a potential threat to national security. Sounds pre-emptive in tone, right? That's more of the right-wing politics in play there.

The Malaysian Maverick book is one example, where the Home Ministry simply puts the book into its prison - not Sungai Buloh prison, but withholding. Perhaps officials there are a bit scared of Dr. M that they are unwilling to put it out despite the man's insistence of releasing it with nothing to lose?

Okay, back now, the cops recently confiscated copies of books like Justice for Malaysia, but the more important one would be the political satire comics of Malaysia - that is perceived by some of making a mockery out of the present government - like Zunar's published ones are confiscated. In the States, political satire is an acceptable subject and sometimes can be funny. For example, there are thousands of political comics, pictures - alternative to convetional commentary - on Arnold Schwazenegger alone as governor, not on the entire federal government.

These are merely comic reliefs, not mockery and should not be cast into the bonfire.

The satire pages of Rosmah and Najib in the Kartun magazine was perceived to scare those walking in the corridors of power in viewing that as truth although they are merely satirical and humorus in nature.

As for that Malaysian Maverick book there, I would really want to pick up a copy in bookstore in KL, read it and be the judge for myself. If Dr. M wants that book released without fear, please by all means put that book for sale and let people judge or compare Mr. Wain's findings with Dr. M views and let them draw the conclusions.

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